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5G network standard at risk? – 5G news 2021 USA

5G network standard
5G network standards

Leading US security agencies are paying attention to the growing problem of 5G network standard. It turns out that some countries can influence communication standards to increase their technological advantage.

It is claimed that developers of 5G standards are very vulnerable to “undue influence” from individual countries. The United States and US experts note that some countries want to reserve certain technologies and limit their compatibility in the future, which is so important in the case of 5G networks.

5G network standard internet in China

This type of information was provided in a report by the National Security Agency, which prepared it in cooperation with the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency.

  • It is true that no one in the report mentions China personally, but it can be expected that the Middle Kingdom is the main object to which the Americans turn their eyes.

In recent months, the Chinese have even inundated international bodies regulating 5G network standards with their documents. What do these types of organizations do?

According to the Nikkei, the Chinese are trying to shape 5G network standard wireless network standards to their advantage by flooding organizations that regulate tons of documents and offer a plethora of technical standards.

  • The US is concerned about this situation & wants to draw attention to it. How impartial the americans themselves are is also questionable.

China managed to create the largest 5G network standard in the world!

largest 5G network standard in ChinaThe total number of installed base stations was 700.000. This was stated on monday by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Liu Lehong, speaking at one of the industry forums held in the city of Wuzhen (eastern Zhejiang Province) The World Conference on Internet Governance.

According to him, the number of base stations installed by China for 5G is about 70% of their total number worldwide. According to the fifth generation communication standard, the official added, more than 180 million terminals are currently connected.

  • In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the deputy minister said, China has seen an overall increase in Internet traffic consumption, which has increased by an average of 50% compared to the level of the end of 2019. In some parts of the country, this figure has jumped by 60-70%.

5G network standard internet in mainland China

Since the end of October last year, China’s leading mobile operators have started providing fifth-generation communication services to the population.

Shanghai holds the leading position in the country in terms of the number of base stations and the number of specialists working in the field of 5G network standard.

  • This metropolis is home to the main research and development facilities in the field of 5G of many Chinese companies, including the telecommunications giant Huawei, which has a center here for the development of chips and smartphones running on the new communication standard.

Shanghai is followed by the cities of Chengdu, Shenzhen and Xi’an in terms of the concentration of research centers in the field of 5G technologies, according to the ministry.

The first Chinese city with full 5G coverage due to an autonomous network of 46.5 thousand base stations was Shenzhen in the southern province of Guangdong.

China is leading the way in terms of the introduction of 5G networks

5G networksThe Chinese authorities plan to introduce a new generation of 5G communication networks is being implemented at an accelerated pace.

At the moment, 480,000 5G base stations have already been installed in this country. This is 95 % of the planned 500,000 base stations for 2021 year.

  • According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, more than 100 million smartphones & tablets are already supported 5G network standard internet in mainland China!

The number of users 5G devices (phones, tablets, gadgets) has reached 60 million. In august of 2020 year, the Shenzhen authorities announced that they were the first to achieve 100% coverage of the 5G network without using the old 4G infrastructure.

A new 5G networks provide 100 times faster data transfer speeds than the existing 4G infrastructure. These networks will form the basis for creating smart cities, driverless driving, & the internet of things. Read also – Push button telephones are back on trend in 2021 year!

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5G network standard at risk – 5G news 2021 in USA

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