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AMD EPYC 7763 64-core processor 2021 – new server CPU – tech specs, price and review

AMD EPYC 7763 64-core processor 2021
New server cpu 2021 – AMD EPYC 7763 64-core processor 2021

AMD EPYC 7763 – is new, most powerful server processor in world of 2021! Well, in this post, i will tell you about this server cpu, price of which is $ 8,000!

  • Of course, not every company can buy to “test” such a thing, not to mention ordinary users).

I will say right away, so as not to think – this new processor is superior to server installation from Intel – Xeon Platinum 8380H.

And even 2 Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 server CPUs are almost 3 times slower than this one latest processor from AMD!

This CPU bypasses even Ampere Altra Q80-33, which is an 80-core ARM-based processor!

Date release: 2019;
Sales date : march 15, 2021.

“Amper”, in order to somehow compete with new computer, will need a 128-core Altra Max to compete with Milan.

AMD EPYC 7763 most powerful server processor – tech specs

  • Type: for servers
  • Processor line: EPYC
  • Codename: Milan
  • Microarchitecture: Zen 3
  • Socket: SP3
  • Number of sockets:
  • Process technology: 7 nm
  • Cores: 64
  • Threads: 128
  • Max. number of processors in a configuration: 2
  • Base frequency: 2.45 GHz
  • Max Frequency: 3.5GHz
  • L1 cache: 96K (for 1 core)
  • L2 cache: 512K (for 1 core)
  • L3 cache: 256MB (total)
  • RAM type: DDR4-3200 NVDIMM-N
  • Number of memory channels: 8
  • PCI-Express version: PCIe 4.0 x128
  • Free multiplier: Yes
  • Power Consumption (TDP): 280 W
  • ECC Support: Yes
  • Support for AES-NI and AVX instructions: Yes
  • AMD-V Support: Yes

By the way, new AMD 7763 processor outperforms 7742 in all respects. But overall, its performance is not as great as one would expect, given chip’s higher TDP (40W more).

AMD’s traditional adversary, Intel, really has no chance, as Milan chip delivers more than double performance in almost all workloads.

Competitors of new “Epic” 7763: Ampere Altra

AMD EPYC 7763 64-core processor 2021 - price and review

A new and closest competitor to worry about is new Ampere Altra system, which still outperforms top Milan 7763 in several compute-heavy benchmarks.

In heavier memory workloads, EPYC easily outperforms Altra because total cache per chip is essentially 8x 256MB versus 32MB.

  • But, for example, Intel 8280 is not a viable competitor for AMD chips, but Ampere Altra is already getting closer to EPYC, winning in something, and, accordingly, playing something out.
AMD EPYC 7763 on Geekbench

Interestingly, this AMD EPYC 7763 server chip first appeared on Geekbench as part of a Gigabyte dual-processor server configuration.

  • Results for EPYC 7763 were much lower than one would expect, especially in multi core benchmark.

AMD EPYC 7763 processor is top-of-the-line Zen 3 Milan server chip. 64-core 128-thread base is clocked at 2.45GHz and clocked at 3.5GHz Turbo Boost with 280W TDP and 256MB L3 cache! In ranking of performance among server chips, this is № 1.

AMD EPYC 7763 64-core processor 2021 - price and review

If 48-core EPYC 7643 hit a gigantic score of 33,348 points in multi core benchmark, then this gigabyte system, which had two EPYC 7763 chips working in tandem on a total of 128 cores, managed to achieve only 20,352 points.

  • There are many reasons why 128-core 256-thread dual-processor system hasn’t made an impression.

Problems with software or drivers, insufficient cooling or power supply, background processes, incorrect reading of benchmarks, early processor sampling, etc., etc.

AMD EPYC 7763 in Cinebench R23

Well, AMD’s official YouTube channel recently showed incredible (record) performance of 2 EPYC 7763s as part of an American DELL server.

In addition, multi-core performance of Cinebench R23 reached 113,631 points – a completely new world record in HWBot ranking!

  • This new record is likely to hold out for a while, unless AMD decides to beat it itself. EPYC 7763 server processors are not cheap.

Price is about $ 8.000 per chip, so this record was set at $ 16.000  (since there were 2 CPU).

More than just an interesting demo! AMD has essentially boasted of its server power, showing extreme performance its top-end silicon can provide.

This is world’s most powerful server processor from AMD EPYC 7763. Read also my post – most powerful CPU in the world 2021 for home.


AMD EPYC 7763 64-core processor 2021 – price and review

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