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Android OS review mobile operating system

Android OS review
Mobile operating system – Android

Now, my dear friends, i should write about OS Android on this page, Android OS review. Well, Android OS is an operating system designed to control – phones, tablets, laptops, mobile PCs, TVs, e-books, watches, & many other electronic devices.

It is owned & developed by Google. The creation was started by Android Inc., which was acquired by Google in 2005 year. Android OS was introduced to the world in 2008 year on September 23, when its first version was released.

  • Due to the ease of use, high quality interface & cross platform it is used on a huge number of different devices. Among which are the leaders: smartphones, tablets, watches & TVs.

Android OS review – pros, useful features, & more…

Android is able to work not only with devices that are equipped with touch screens, but also with any other input devices: mice, keyboards, and others. That is, it can be installed as the main OS, for example, on your laptop and fully use it.

  • Android is an operating system that can control a mobile device (phone, tablet computer, smartphone). The android platform was developed based on the Linux kernel.

It appeared due to the fact that in 2005, Google bought Android Inc, making it its subsidiary, and began to produce the same platform for mobile devices. Since then, the platform has only been developing.

Android very often releases new versions of its program. It is noteworthy that the first letters of the name of each new version correspond to the letters of the Latin alphabet.

Today, Android is the second most popular in the world, second only to the iOS operating system, which was developed for the iPhone.

What is Android for?

As you know, the operating system is the “brain” of any electronic device that is needed in order for it to execute all human commands.

Accordingly, an android is a virtual robot sitting inside a mobile device, which is responsible for performing all the processes that occur inside this device.

Android OS review – Pros:

  • Pros this platform  multitasking systeFm that allows you to run several appis that Android has a user friendly & very intuitive interface, as well as a flexible andlications at once and experiment with settings.

Among other things, numerous applications created specifically for the android platform give happy users of this system truly limitless opportunities.

After all, with the help of these applications, you can pay for purchases, take photos, watch movies or read books.
We can conclude that this platform is designed for creative people, because two identical mobile devices can look completely different.

  • Android allows you to always have everything with you – a personal fitness trainer, a doctor, a toy or a TV, making human life as comfortable as possible

Android can be deciphered as a humanoid robot or a humanoid robot, so the system has such a funny logo. At the moment, this term is more often associated with the mobile operating system of the same name, which we are considering.

Hystory, first smartphone, released on Android OS

Hystory of Android OS
Android OS review – Hystory

In the US, the first smartphone released on this OS was the HTC Dream in 2008. It was produced by the mobile operator T-Mobile under the name T-Mobile G1.

  • The device began to enjoy great popularity even before its release, and pre-orders for it exceeded all the optimistic forecasts of the company. Everyone wanted to see what kind of competitor the iPhone would have — back then, it was the one-of-a-kind touchscreen mobile phone.

The devices have become very popular, and the new OS has found its fans. HTC’s example was followed by other companies, starting to release their smartphones and other devices with Android on board.

Google itself produces phones of its own production under the name-Pixel. They are distinguished by premium quality, top-end hardware, excellent camera, the very first to receive firmware updates and come out on a clean Android. This year, such a device should be released — Google Pixel 5.

  • Also, smartphones on pure Android are produced by other companies, the line of such phones is called Android One. Of the latest models, we can distinguish: Motorola One, Xiaomi Mi A3, Nokia 3.2. In this case, the development process is managed entirely by Google, and the company only collects the phone. Google has also been supporting such devices for 18 months.

Android features

The operating system is very flexible and allows you to implement almost any tasks on it. And, thanks to the support of many devices and mobile devices, you get a full-fledged pocket computer that will allow you to do all the actions that you are used to doing on a desktop PC or laptop.

  • For the OS, there are many applications for all occasions, without exaggeration. In Google Play, you can find a huge number of different software, even for solving the most specific tasks, games of different genres and other interesting software.

The capabilities of the OS on a particular device rest only on the limitations of the device itself, in the possibility of its hardware and the method of input/output of information (mouse, display, touch screen).

Buying a mobile phone on Android, in addition to calls, you can: watch videos, listen to music, take high-quality pictures, communicate in messengers, surf the Internet, play games, and much more. This is a full-fledged mobile multimedia device.

Android OS review – firmware

Google is constantly improving its system and releasing new versions and firmware. The version is a full-fledged new numbered version of Android, for example, 8, 9, 10. And there can be many firmware versions in one version, for example: 8.0, 8.1, etc. At the moment, the latest released version is Android 11.

Firmware is also called OS modifications from other manufacturers for their devices. For example, MIUI 10 for Xiaomi phones.

  • It would be more correct to call them-launcher for Android, as it is just a shell that runs on a ready-made system. But, since this is a full fledged product that has already been changed for a certain brand of phone, which is installed in its memory, it is the firmware. If it’s just downloaded software, then it’s just a launcher.

Firmware from companies greatly change the appearance of Android, make it unique for certain brands of devices and many people like it, they have a lot of fans.

The same Xiaomi devices have a huge fan community, which is looking forward to the appearance of each new device with MIUI on board.

Android – open platform

Android - open platformIt is open for use. The system itself is developed by Google, and third-party developers get its source code that you can work with. Thanks to this, Android is available on many different devices and an incredible number of applications have been created for it.

  • This is a completely hardware-independent OS and free for distribution — it can be installed on almost any device (depending on the firmware). On the computer, there are special android emulators, with which it can be run on Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

It is important to note that although the OS is supported by many devices, some applications may simply not function properly on some devices. This is because there are a lot of devices, different hardware, and developers simply can not always keep track of the support of their software for different hardware. This is also called OS fragmentation.

Android Apps — Google Play

There are many applications for this operating system, thousands of them. All this is due to the openness of this OS and its cross-platform nature. Anyone can write their own software, Google itself only supports it.

  • The official store-service where you can download them is Google Play Market. It contains a lot of different software, which has already been approved by the Google and games company itself.

However, the system also supports third-party applications for installation in the format .APK. They can also be easily installed on your smartphone or tablet.

In conclusion about android OS review:

Android – the green robot, is currently the most popular mobile platform, it has come a long way and won the place of the leader.

It works very fast, stable and smooth, and most importantly it is supported by many devices. Read also Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G specs and price of new phone 2021.

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Android OS review