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Best budget CPU for gaming 2021 Intel and AMD

Best budget CPU for gaming 2021
The best budget cpu for gaming 2021

In this article, i’ll write about the best budget CPU for gaming 2021! The coronavirus pandemic of 2021, having hurt the global economy, caused at the same time a certain demand for such a segment as computer equipment. Given the difficult economic situation, budget models have become the most desirable.

  • A computer microchip is a complex module consisting of several components that typically provide the fundamental kinds of parameters for any processor, performance, and heat dissipation. The performance and service life of the processor itself depends on the latter.

Budget CPUs, of course, have certain limitations, especially for modern games. However, they can also solve a number of problems:

  1. Internet surfing;
  2. Office Applications;
  3. Opening and converting multimedia files (mp3, jepg, avi);
  4. For gaming – usually online or small games that have minimal graphical settings.

CPU manufacturers

PC processors are produced by two major companies: Intel and AMD. Intel is considered the leader in technology development. AMD leads a more democratic pricing policy, adds something of its own, takes over the experience.

  • The processors of these companies differ from each other in electronic circuitry. Intel Core products outperform AMD in performance. Therefore, they are better suited for building powerful gaming PCs.

In multithreaded tasks, AMD Ryzen processors win (video editing). They are not very much inferior to Intel Core in games. Great for a versatile PC that is used for both gaming and professional tasks.

So, best budget CPU for gaming 2021 on AM4 socket under 300

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G – price: $299 (on Amazon)

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
AMD Ryzen 3 2200G processor

The 4-core processor is manufactured using a 14-nanometer process technology. It is installed in the AM4 socket. The cores work in four threads at a frequency of 3500 MHz. In automatic mode, overclocking to 3700 MHz is allowed.

  1. L1 cache is 95 kb
  2. L2 cache — 2 MB.
  3. L3 cache — 4 MB.

This is best budget gaming cpu under 300 $! Supports dual-channel fast memory standard DDR4 with a frequency of 2993 MHz.

The Vega 8 graphics module built into the processor operates at a frequency of 500 MHz. The integrated graphics capabilities are sufficient for viewing high-resolution videos and for simple games.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600AF / AMD Ryzen 5 2600 price: $179 /$189 (on Amazon)

Best budget CPU for gaming 2021 under 100, 200 and 300 dollarsThis is best budget CPU for gaming under 200, is hhe second processor is probably still AMD Ryzen 5 1600AF and AMD Ryzen 5 2600.

  • This is practically the same processor on the same architecture, with the same problems that it had. Not to say that there are a lot of them and this should not frighten you much.

After all, it is already 2021 and a huge part of the problems that were in the beginning, when they first appeared, have already been fixed. But here’s the stability of it, the one that modern Ryzen has and the one that INTEL has a little bit missing.

Just the processor is worth your attention, it is not bad to chase up to its 3.9-4.0 GHz and with 3600 memory will give good performance in most modern projects.

Best cheap processor for gaming on LGA1151 v2 socket – Intel Core i3-9100F

Intel core i3-9100F – price: $154 (on Amazon)

Intel Core i3-9100FThe desktop version of the processor is released from April 2019. A modern model worth about 6000 rubles on the Coffee Lake architecture is suitable for offices.

It has 4 cores and 4 threads. The operating frequency is 3600 MHz, and the maximum frequency is 4200 MHz. Manufactured according to the 14 nanometer process technology. The multiplier is blocked, so you can not count on overclocking.

  1. The L1 cache is 64 kb.
  2. The L2 cache is 256 KB.
  3. L3 cache — 6 MB.
  • The Core i3-9100F has built-in technologies that enhance security, such as anti-hacking. Supports DDR4-2400 memory format.

Compatible with the LGA1151 socket of the second revision. The heat output is a fairly modest 65 watts. A good choice for a quiet but productive machine. Also, read how to choose CPU for PC in 2021.

Best budget cpu for gaming and streaming 2021

Intel core i5-9400f 6-core 2.9 ghz review – price: $146 (on Amazon)

Intel core i5-9400f 6-core 2.9 ghzThe 6-core Intel Core i5-9400F processor, which uses the LGA1151-v2 socket for installation, is a very reliable device. The capabilities of which are sufficient for efficient operation as part of most currently operated system blocks.

  • The model, produced using a 14-nanometer process technology, is based on the Coffee Lake R core. The base frequency of the processor is 2900 MHz.

In turbo mode, the frequency is more than 40 % higher – 4100 MHz. A significant amount of the third-level cache contributes to the efficiency of the device: the value of this indicator is 9 MB. The L2 cache size is 1.5 MB. This is very best budget cpu for gaming intel!

So, best budget CPU for gaming under 100

Intel Pentium G3260 OEM – price: $99 (on Amazon)

Intel Pentium G3260 OEMThe Intel Pentium G3260 processor is a popular model that combines reliability and optimal configuration. It is built on the Haswell architecture, equipped with a three-level cache memory and two cores operating at a frequency of 3300 MHz.

Such parameters allow you to use the device as the basis of a powerful personal computer, and the built-in Intel HD Graphics video processor with a clock frequency of 1100 MHz processes the image before showing it on the PC screen. Read also my post Best budget motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600.


Best budget CPU for gaming 2021 under 100, 200 and 300 dollars

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