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Best business security system – how to protect your business in 2021 year

Best business security system
Best business security system – how to protect your business in 2021

What is the best business security system: what do we hope for in 2021? 2020 brought a lot of problems: the transition to remote access opened up new horizons for cybercriminals, & new incidents in the field of information security brought both financial and reputational losses to organizations.

  • However, the year, like all bad things, tends to end. And in the new year, we all have the opportunity to do something that will help avoid both new problems and the repetition of old ones.

But to change something, you need to do something. And so the analytical department of Falcongaze has created a small list of peculiar “hopes”, the implementation of which will help to get rid of problems in the field of information security or at least minimize the damage from them.

Create or expand an information security department – What is best business security system?

What is the best business security system: what do we hope for in 2021?
What is the best business security system: what do we hope in 2021?

Many organizations still do not have an information security department or only one person works there (conditionally). Or, even worse, the functions of a security guard can “throw” on an employee of the IT department, who has his own tasks in bulk.

  • In such cases, the problem is that there is no normal data security. Piling up tasks never ends well: something will definitely be forgotten and a “hole” in security will be formed, which attackers will be happy to take advantage of.

Therefore, it is very important to have the necessary number of specialists who will have time to complete tasks, whether it is the company’s staff or an outsourced team. And we hope that more companies will seriously address this issue.

Automate the provision of information security

there are always opportunities and ways to protect your data and your business
Believe me, there are always opportunities and ways to protect your data and your business!

But even if you can’t find a specialist, this does not mean that there is no need or opportunity to somehow protect your data.

There is always the option of using automated software, for which constant human supervision is not necessary. These include, for example, antivirus programs and firewalls. Even such small steps will help strengthen the company’s data protection.

  • In addition, automation is very relevant for remote work, which has already become commonplace for the modern world.

It is very difficult to remotely “manually” control an employee: everyone is located at least in different parts of the city.

However, automated and well-configured software such as a DLP system will help you monitor the work of employees and make sure that the data does not fall into the wrong hands.

On the other hand, to properly configure the software, you still need to understand the problem. In such cases, the same specialists from the company’s staff or outsourced will help.

Constantly check the security of the infrastructure and update the protection

Constantly check the security of the infrastructure and update the protection
Constantly monitor the security of the infrastructure and update the protection, this is important!

It is not enough just to hire specialists and install some programs on the server and working devices. It is very important to keep track of the relevance of these programs and the knowledge of employees at all times.

And if the software is no longer relevant and does not withstand new formats of cyber attacks, or the employee’s knowledge is no longer enough to manage new, more complex software and analyze new cyber threats, then the effectiveness of protection very much tends to zero.

  • Therefore, we very much hope that organizations will closely monitor the development of cyber threats and security products, and also constantly help their employees learn.

And it’s not just about training security specialists. Other employees should also know at least the basics:

  1. To distinguish a spam mailing from a regular email;
  2. A phishing link from a harmless link to a resource;
  3. To know the risks when downloading files.

It is also important to develop security policies and algorithms for dealing with certain situations. For example, you can request the caller’s full name and position if the person appears to be a technical support employee and claims that there is a problem that requires remote access to the employee’s computer or their credentials.

  • Of cours, this information should be checked immediately, and not after the employee has fulfilled all the requirements of an unknown caller.

The “miser” pays twice

All of the above requires money: you need to pay for software, security specialists, and system vulnerability checks.

However, all these costs seem unprofitable only at first glance. If an incident suddenly occurs and it turns out that the organization has not taken all possible measures to prevent it, then the cost of paying fines, compensating victims and losing customers will be much more expensive.

  • And a small business or startup in the event of a leak of unique developments or a customer base is very much at risk of losing everything and closing down.

We hope that in 2021, information security will be taken even more seriously, because it is not only protection against company data leaks and fines, but also protection against reputation damage, which almost always ends with a decrease in the number of customers and profits.

Best business security system cheap
Best business security system cheap – SimpliSafe!

So, the best business security system in 2021:

  1. SimpliSafe (most best budget version);
  2. Frontpoint (most best overall);
  3. Vivint (most best for home based business);
  4. ADT (most best for multi employee business);
  5. Abode (most best for self monitoring);
  6. Link Interactive (most best for niche customization).


Best business security system cheap: this is SimpliSafe – the manufacturer of the well known security system for the Home SimpliSafe Original, not so long ago updated and improved all its elements.

  • The updated SimpliSafe home security has appeared before users in a new form and with new features. The base station has decreased by 2 times and has become louder, the number of sensors has been added, and a camera has appeared.

All elements are easily combined, configured and installed in just 5 minutes. Then it is enough to activate the desired mode — “Off”, “Home” or “Away”.

According to the developers, communication and interaction between devices has also improved. To evaluate the capabilities of the system, we suggest getting to know all its components better.

Base station
  • This core of the system, which has shrunk in size, has become 50% louder and 5 times faster. It sends audible alerts when sensors are triggered, sends encrypted signals via the T-Mobile GSM wireless network to the police and 6 monitoring centers until a confirmation of receipt is received.

This system includes:

  1. Wireless keyboard. The new keyboard has expanded the ability to enter and navigate through the menu with 4-position buttons. It is complemented by a bright OLED screen and smart key lighting, which works automatically in low light.
  2. Sensor Input. It consists of the sensor itself and a magnet. The system element detects when a door or window opens and gives a signal. The magnet can be placed at a distance of up to 5 cm from the sensor, so this component is suitable for all types of doors and windows.
  3. Motion sensor. Detects movement within 9 meters, has a field of view of 90 degrees on the sides and down 45°. By placing the sensor in the corner of the room, it provides full coverage. Accidental triggering on pets is excluded. The detection system is based on the recording of a person”s unique heat signature. Therefore, pets weighing less than 23 kg will not be perceived by the sensor.
  4. We”re simplifying the camera. It will allow real-time monitoring of what is happening at home and will send alerts when motion is detected. A special viewing app works with smartphones, computers, and tablets.
  5. Glassbreak sensor. Detects the sound of broken glass and sends a corresponding signal about breaking in.
  6. Panic button. If we are at home during the invasion, just click on this button to instantly notify the police about it.
  7. Smoke detector. This smoke detector will turn on its own siren, as well as trigger a full-scale SimpliSafe security alarm when smoke is detected in a room.
  8. Temperature sensor. This system detector is triggered when the room temperature drops below 5°C.
  9. Water sensor. Its task is to protect us from water supply breaks and poor-quality roofing. It is rational to place the sensor near the highest concentration of water pipes or in the attic. When in contact with water, it will beep.
  10. Extra 105dB Siren. This siren can be used inside or placed outside the house to warn others about the intrusion of uninvited guests.
  11. Fob key. Key-keychain for the convenience of working with the security system. With it, you can disarm the system with a single click and vice versa.

SimpliSafe system is very easy to configure. Based on the user assembled kit, the company pre-connects all sensors to the base station.

It remains only to pull out the plastic inserts separating the batteries, glue or install the devices in the desired places. A SimpliSafe system monitoring plan and access to a dedicated app are offered for a separate monthly fee. Enabling and disabling the alarm is also available via any browser.

information security
Information & data security


Frontpoint is one of the best business security system that is known for its flexibility and customer service. It was founded in 2007 by a team of home security experts.

They are currently rated A & by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It works with all states in the United States & offers all its users excellent customer service.


The security system is easy to use. Sometimes companies sacrifice adding features and some improvements to keep this going, but Vivint doesn’t.

The entire system is based on a central control panel installed in your office. This, together with the mobile app, allows you to view alerts, change settings, & set an alarm.


ADT is America’s largest provider of security systems, and it has been growing stronger for more than a century. ADT prides itself on its flexibility, there are many packages to choose from, and they can all be customized to suit your needs. Whether you use the simplest security monitoring service or one that can work with your smart home, ADT has it.

Since ADT is one of the most respected security companies, it can charge extra for its monitoring services. That means you’ll probably end up paying more for it than for a competitor like Brinks Home Security or Frontpoint.


The main purpose of the Abode security system is to maximize user convenience. The incredibly flexible solution works with popular third-party devices that support the ZigBee and Z-Wave protocols.

The basic Abode kit includes a gateway, door/window opening sensors, a camera with a passive IR motion sensor, and remote control keyfobs. The system is fully managed through the Abode app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Link Interactive

How to protect your business? Link Interactive! Interactive Link is a set of hardware and software products designed for use in areas where network separation is implemented for security reasons.

  • Interactive Link hardware products manufactured and marketed by Tenix Datagate have been rated at the highest level in accordance with international security criteria, with a particular focus on ensuring the privacy of a secure network.

The technology behind the products is taken from Starlight Technology, developed by the Australian Defence Science and Technology Group.

For today, this is the entire review of the best business security system. Read also Data security news.

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Best business security system – how to protect your business

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