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Best chargers for Apple iphone 12 and ipad – top 5

Best chargers for iphone 12 and ipad
The Best chargers for iphone 2021

If you are thinking about purchasing a new charger for your iPhone, then you should choose the original best chargers for iphone 12 and others from the manufacturer, as this is the most reliable solution.

  • Alternative is non original certified chargers that undergo regulatory compliance testing. You cannot buy an uncertified version, since it is dangerous for a smartphone, it can quickly fail.

For iPhones, chargers must be certified according to one of the standards (Power Delivery). You cannot use chargers with a different standard, since the phone may not only fail, but also catch fire.

You cannot use budget Chinese devices on which the standard is not prescribed to charge iPhone. In this case, you risk not only bury your brand new iPhone, but in some rare cases start a fire.

You can safely and confidently purchase chargers from other manufacturers, as long as they meet quality standards.
By the way, the power can be any.

  • It is believed that if power is lower or higher than specified, then device will break. But this is not true.

Charger parameters of best chargers for iphone 12 and others

Charger parameters these are voltage, current and power itself. Smartphones are equipped with special controllers that directly affect charging speed and change it depending on the battery. If charge is at zero, device will work at maximum up to half charge, then power is reduced.

  • As for chargers, if power of the adapter is, for example, 30 W, and the smartphone supports 18 W, then it still charges with less power, even if it is connected to a stronger charger. Thus, you can only charge your iPhone with a certified adapter.

Today we will take a look at the best iPhone chargers that users choose for their stability and reliability. The charger is designed to be compact so that it is convenient to take it with you on the road. Also, it must be produced by a well-known brand, which guarantees its high quality and long work.

So, best cheap chargers for iphone

1.Anker PowerPort 3 Nano 20W – price $22

Anker PowerPort 3 Nano 20W
Best chargers for iphone

Stylish and compact body fits into a pocket, bag or backpack, it certainly does not take up much space. With this advanced device, you can charge your brand new iPhone from zero to 53% in just half an hour.

  • This charger works not only with smartphones from Apple, but also with flagships from Samsung, smartwatches and wireless headphones.

Successfully implemented MultiProtect security system guarantees protection against overheating, high voltage and regulates incoming current in order to protect your gadgets from excess electricity.


  • Reliability from the manufacturer.
  • Stability of work.
  • Strong and durable device.
  • Overload protection.
  • Device is protected against overheating.
  • Choice of a huge number of users.
  • Protects iPhone from overcharging.


  • No.

2.Anker PowerPort 3 Nano 18W – price $17

Anker PowerPort 3 Nano 18WThe Anker device is stable and has enough voltage to charge most of latest iPhones. The package includes an adapter with one USB Type-C connector. The fast charging standard here is USB Power Delivery, only this should be case with iPhone.

  • Maximum output current is 3 A, charging power is declared at 18 W. This one of the best chargers for iphone is compact and smallest possible: 6.7 centimeters deep and 2.7 centimeters wide.

This device is equipped with Anker Multiportect protection technology, which ensures the safety and stability of operation.

Overcharge and overload protection will allow you to leave your smartphone overnight without fear that something will happen to it, or that battery will deteriorate in a couple of months.


  • Renowned manufacturer.
  • Reliable device.
  • Work stability.
  • User choice.
  • Anker Multiportect protection technology.
  • A miniature charger that fits easily into your pocket.


  • No.

3.Baseus Speed ​​PPS & Digital Display Quick Charger – price $19

Baseus Speed ​​PPS & Digital Display Quick ChargerThis device will allow you to easily charge devices from smartphones to MacBooks. Universal device supports the most famous standards: Quick Charge, Power Delivery, Huawei Super Charge.

  • Two ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time. The compact miniature device is easy to take with you on the road.

Maximum output current is 5 A, charging power is declared at 100 W, which is one of the best characteristics of our rating.

It is noteworthy that manufacturer has equipped its product with an LED indicator of voltage and current. You can manually adjust charging cut-off time.


  • Stylish execution.
  • Can charge 2 devices at the same time.
  • Supports many standards.
  • Universal charging.
  • High quality build.
  • There is an informative screen.

So, best chargers for Apple iphone under $200, what is the best brand of iphone chargers?

4.Belkin Boost Up WIA001btBK – price $144

Belkin Boost Up WIA001btBKIs a wireless charging station for devices supporting QI charge. It has a compact round platform body. Support for the QC 3.0 fast charging function will allow you to recharge battery of smartphones in minutes.

  • Output power of the charging station reaches 10W. Belkin Boost Up is a wireless charging station for QI devices. It has a compact round platform body.

One of the best chargers for iphone support for QC 3.0 fast charging function will allow you to recharge the battery of smartphones in minutes. Output power of charging station reaches 10W.

  • With Belkin Boost Up, you can forget about the annoying cables that need to be connected to your smartphone while charging. The charging station is connected to a power source via a complete USB cable 1.2 meters long.

The model supports 360-degree smartphone installation, so you don’t have to worry about whether you put the device in the right place.

So, best chargers for Apple iphone under $300 (The Best)

5.ZENS Liberty 16 coil Dual Wireless Charger – price $ 199 (Amazon)

ZENS Liberty 16 coil Dual Wireless ChargerZens Liberty is where ultimate freedom meets wireless charging. 16 overlapping Liberty charging coils provide freedom of placement.

With its enlarged active charging area, it makes wireless charging even more convenient and really easy. – Maximum power 30 watts. – QI, USB interfaces – Output current 2 A, USB-C connector – Supports Apple and Samsung Fast Charge – Package contents: charger, USB-C cable (1.5m), power adapter, manual. Also, read my post – Apple iphone 12 PRO MAX specs, price & shipping date.


Best chargers for iphone 12 – Top 5

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