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Best computer microphone – how to choose a microphone for your computer right

Best computer microphone - how to choose microphone for computer
So, best computer microphone – how to pick a microphone for computer

Hello my dear friends, in this post i’ll tell u how to buy the best computer microphone with good sound! People who work professionally with sound, do not get lost when they need to choose equipment and understand well how to choose a microphone for computer.

  • They are familiar with principles of operation of these devices and characteristics of devices that are necessary for task.

Ordinary people may also need devices for recording sound, but it is more difficult for them to understand variety of models offered by manufacturers.

Article will tell you about these devices, on what grounds you can choose an inexpensive good microphone for a computer. Also below is a list of brands that produce high-quality equipment.

What do we need to know about a best computer microphone and how to choose a microphone for computer right?

Best computer microphone - how to choose a microphone for computerA sound recording device must have a number of parameters that will allow it to transmit sound efficiently. To decide which microphone is best to buy for a computer, you need to get acquainted with it, understand what it is.

This device is designed to convert an audio signal into an electrical one. This signal is then processed and transmitted to other devices. Types of microphones, their characteristics, and other relevant details are described below.

Types of devices

In total, there are 3 types of devices related to:

  1. To dynamic ones;
  2. Condenser type;
  3. Taped.

They all use different audio conversion methods. This is main division of microphone types according to principle of operation.

  • Most common category includes dynamic devices that capture sound waves using a membrane. Sound gives a driving impulse to coil, and a current is generated in it. This method is called analog.

If you think for a long time about question of how to choose a best computer microphone, then you should know that condenser microphones rightfully occupy best places in rating of best microphones of good quality!

They are used in recording studios because they convey sound most accurately. By the way, there is a great site where you can buy high-quality microphones for your computer.

  • Popularity of tape devices is falling, being replaced by capacitor devices. In these products, electric current is created by vibrations of a thin metal tape folded like an accordion. They are well suited for recording guitar music.

If buyer is wondering how to choose a gaming microphone for a computer, you can recommend a condenser type that quickly responds to changes in speed and tone of sound.

Selection criteria

Best computer microphone - how to choose a microphone for computerSometimes customer comes to store, but can not make a choice, because he does not know which microphone is better to choose for games. To make it easier for people to make a purchase, you should read list below:

  1. You can communicate via Skype through a model designed for network;
  2. For shooting videos, there are on-camera devices;
  3. For karaoke, you will need a vocal dynamic device;
  4. Musical instruments will sound amazing if you use a capacitor device with lowest frequency.;
  5. Recording of reports at conference will be clear if you use a sensitive omnidirectional desktop device;
  6. If source is far away, and there is a lot of interference, you need to buy a highly sensitive product.

How to find out what characteristics are on a computer microphone and what it is sensitivity and directivity, is written below.

Connectivity options

Method of connecting microphone to computer is an important characteristic. What is use of most sensitive device, if it is not tied to computer.

These products can be connected to a computer by wire or wirelessly. When buying a wired device, you need to check whether plugs of its cable correspond to connectors of computer. These can be USB connectors 2 or 3.

  • Wireless devices transmit audio via radio or Bluetooth. This is main characteristic of wireless microphones.

How to choose a  best computer microphone by country or region of production

Cheapest models on market are offered by Asian countries. If choice of manufacturer is approached responsibly, it will be possible to find high-quality products at an inexpensive price.

  • European quality of electronics is not discussed by anyone, but sometimes cost of these devices for a computer is not justified, if all you need a microphone for is to communicate with friends on Skype.

It makes sense to invest in such devices if you are engaged in professional sound recording, blogging, and video recording.

A good option in this case is choice of Russian manufacturers. They offer their products at reasonable prices, but with quite acceptable quality.

Form factor

Most people need a microphone when they want to talk on internet using a computer. All other reasons for which such a device may be needed relate to professional activity. It is with this use that a variety of device shapes is associated.

Best computer microphone - how to choose a microphone for computer

What are best computer microphone?
  • Vocal devices held in hand;
  • Devices with noise protection;
  • Devices on clothespins for recording a conversation of several people;
  • Directional instruments used to produce sound from a specific location;
  • Studio instruments that are used to record songs and melodies;
  • Desktop for video conferences.

All these products are used in different conditions, because they have different characteristics. Device of a microphone for a computer must meet its task, so all such products have their own special devices that help them perform their function.


To determine how much cheapest good microphone for a computer costs, you need to know what is included in concept of “good”. Technical indicators of value will help you to understand this:

  • Received sound interval and frequency response;
  • Sensitivity;
  • Focus areas;
  • Of impedance;
  • Maximum possible pressure of sound waves;
  • Noise level;
  • Power supply.

Interval is frequency range that device transmits. Greater difference in values, better device.

The sensitivity is determined by ratio of voltage to sound pressure. It shows what is quietest sound device is able to pick up. Lower this value, more sensitive device is.

  • If you are wondering “how to choose a best computer microphone“, it is important to know such a thing as imedance.

Impedance (resistance of instrument) determines quality of sound transmitted from microphone to preamp.

The best quality is provided by input impedance of preamp, which is 10 times greater than output impedance of device.

  • The maximum sound pressure level is maximum sound transmitted without interference and distortion. Native noise – interference caused by operation of device.

Phantom power can be generated from a mixer or amplifier. Here is a small overview of microphone settings for your computer.

Directional pattern

Best computer microphone - how to choose a microphone for computerDirectivity is sensitivity of equipment in certain directions. It is determined by design of capsule. Charts can be:

  • Cardioids;
  • Supercardioids;
  • Hypercardioids;
  • Semicardioids;
  • Eights.

A cardioid is a heart-shaped diagram. Devices with such a diagram record sound from a space entering an angle of 130 degrees. Anything outside of this corner will not be recorded.

  • Recording zone of supercardioids and hypercardioids is similar to cardioid zone, but narrower. Supercardioid writes an angle of 115 degrees, hypercardioid – 105.

Semi-cardioids record everything that falls into front half, ignoring back half of space.
Eight records sounds from two sides-front and back. Very good to use for recording stereo sound or duets.

Some models are universal, and their orientation can be changed by switching. Here’s how microphones work.

Sound without distortion

Coolest microphones for PC are those devices that allow you to listen to your favorite music while enjoying sound quality. To find such a device, you need to look in characteristics of sound pressure level (SPL).

It shows how much power sound can withstand this device without risk of damage:

  1. For  studio, a device that can withstand 100 dB is suitable;
  2. When recording rock, percussionists and electric guitars, more than 130 dB is required.

Device with a high ultrasound is useful for those who want to listen to loud rhythmic music. Pop fans can look for devices with high sensitivity. Higher it is, lower SPL.

Auxiliary accessories

Some devices have additional devices that improve their performance. Purpose of these devices for thebest computer microphone microphone is to improve sound quality.

List of these devices:

   -Attenuator to attenuate signal if necessary;

-A cut-off filter that removes some of frequencies to reduce interference.

Sometimes even cheap gaming microphones for computer are equipped with such devices. Expensive models always have these devices.

  • How to choose a microphone for your computer and not make a mistake with company, which company is better to choose?

It is considered that products of European factories are of higher quality, but sometimes Russia surprises us. Best budget microphones for a computer are offered by Defender and Finnish company Sven. Their devices are characterized by good quality, reliability and budget price.

Rating of best microphones for your computer and laptop

A survey was organized for users who want to buy such devices. His goal was to create top of best inexpensive microphones. According to results, 2 winners were determined, who shared palm of championship. These are companies:

  1. Defender;
  2. Sven.

According to customer reviews, products of these companies are characterized by an acceptable price and good quality! Read also post How to choose CPU for PC in 2021.


Best computer microphone – how to choose a microphone for computer