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Best data recovery software after formatting hard disk – top 3 the best programs

Best data recovery software after formatting hard disk
Best data recovery software after formatting hard disk

Erased information does not disappear without a trace, there are best data recovery software after formatting hard disk – they will help you recover your lost data!

  • Missing photos & documents can be saved if you timely resort to the help of special software. This article contains 10 of the most effective & secure programs that perform recovery of deleted files. Read about their pros and cons & choose the best one!

To significantly increase the chances of returning documents & photos, minimize your activity: do not install new applications & do not save anything to the disk from which the information was lost.

If you overwrite anything on top of it, recovery will become impossible. For the same reason, you can’t restore files to the same media from which they disappeared.

Sometimes it happens that due to careless actions and/or some system failure on the computer or on the media, certain data was deleted.

  • It is not always possible to quickly restore them using the “Trash”, since quite often files are deleted without a trace. Most often, this problem occurs with flash drives & other media, which from time to time have to be formatted due to failures.

The only chance to recover the lost data is to use third-party programs, such as Recuva. This program was developed by the same team that created CCleaner.

Today, Recuva is distributed on a completely free basis. Let’s look at its functionality & features of use in more detail.

№1. Best data recovery software after formatting hard disk – Recuva

Best data recovery software after formatting hard disk – Recuva

Unfortunately, not all programs aimed at finding & restoring corrupted files can successfully find & process them. In the case of Recuva, this problem is not observed. The software supports almost all common types of files and their types.

Recuva supported file types include:

  1. Images;
  2. Video;
  3. Music;
  4. Documents;
  5. Compressed files, such as archives;
  6. Emails;
  7. Restore different file types in Recuva.

In order not to waste a lot of time searching for & restoring unnecessary files, you can choose the type that you want to restore before you start working with the program. If you do not know what type of files you need to restore, you can use the “All files”option.

Specifying the file location:

After deleting the file, it goes to the “Trash”, but if this did not happen, you will have to specify in the program interface the place where the desired item was before it was deleted. The program will provide several options where you need to choose the appropriate one:

  • Not exactly known.” This option is recommended if you do not remember or do not know where the file was located before it was deleted. Then the program will start a full scan of the computer/media, but it will take much longer than if you specified a specific or approximate location of the file;
  • On the memory card“. Recuva starts scanning the memory card. In this case, the time spent on the scan recovery is much less. If you choose this option, do not forget to connect the memory card to your PC before running the program;
  • In the My Documents folder.” Only the “My Documents” folder is scanned»;
  • In the “Basket“.” The program scans the “Trash” for completely deleted items;
  • At the specified location.” If you have selected this option, you will have to specify a specific folder on your computer using the “Browse” button. In this case, the scan time is reduced to a minimum;
  • On CD/DVD“. The program scans the disk that is inserted into the drive for deleted files & restores them.
    Improved recovery process when specifying file location in Recuva

In-depth analysis:

The one of the best data recovery software after formatting hard disk program supports the in-depth analysis option, which allows you to find and restore (at least partially) those files that were deleted a long time ago.

  • However, it is disabled by default, because when it is enabled, the scan time & the overall system load are greatly increased.

Before you start the scan procedure, the program will ask you if you need to enable this option during this session. If so, just check the box against the desired item.

Improved analysis in Recuva:

When the program finishes scanning, you will be able to see all the files detected by it. Some of them can be previewed.

  • Unfortunately, the names of many elements can be replaced with an incomprehensible combination of characters, which will significantly complicate the selective recovery of files.

Selective recovery in Recuva

Check the boxes next to the items that you need to restore & use the special button that is located in the lower right part of the window.

The recovery process will take some time, which varies depending on the size and type of the file, the speed of the operating system, & the characteristics of the computer.


  1. All the main interface elements are translated correctly;
  2. The program is able to find almost any file that was deleted even a very long time ago. It also copes with the recovery of such files without any problems;
  3. There is a free version that has enough features to restore most of the user files. In the paid versions, the features are more expanded.


  1. According to the experience of many users, the program has no significant drawbacks. The only thing i would like to improve is the time it takes to scan & restore files.

However, in comparison with its competitors, Recuva works very quickly. As you can see, Recuva is a great program designed to recover information on formatted media or that has been completely deleted from the computer.

№2. Disk Drill program

Disk Drill program
Disk Drill program

The loss of any file, either accidentally due to our inattention, or due to a system failure , is a situation that can occur with a certain frequency.

  • If we have vital work files or photos that we don’t want to lose, it’s important to have a good tool to extract the files & thus prevent the world from falling on us.

For this reason, today we will talk about the Disk Drill file finder tool, with which we can avoid losing our most valuable data.

What is Disk Drill & what is it for?

Disk Drill is a program for recovering deleted data, is considered to be best data recovery software after formatting hard disk compatible with both Windows computers and Mac OPERATING SYSTEMS.

There are several cases where we may lose important data, such as an erroneous trash cleanup, a virus attack, or a hardware failure. With this simple app, we can recover all recoverable data or discover lost partitions that can be recovered.

  • This tool was designed to analyze the structure of both hard drives & flash memory so that it can recover any type of file after it is deleted.

This way, we can recover data due to lost partitions, formatted hard drives, startup errors, accidental deletion, trash deletion, & memory corruption.

With Disk Drill, we can perform a quick analysis that takes only a few seconds and allows us to find a list of recently deleted items.

We can also perform a deep analysis that recognizes more than 200 signature files & through which it will be responsible for recovering lost files and will recompose them based on binary structures.

Restore Files with Disk Drill

As soon as we launch Disk Drill, its main menu will appear completely in Spanish with a simple & intuitive interface.

Our hard drive will appear in the foreground, & on the left we have recovery options. For the free version, we will have the ability to perform deep analysis, as well as search for lost partitions. This can only be done by best data recovery software after formatting hard disk, such as Disk Drill!

  • If we select the Deep Analysis Option and click Search for Lost Data, the program will start the search process by specifying how many image, video, audio, document, & file files it has found.

After completion, we can view the objects that were found. So we’ll go to another screen where we can filter by the type of file we’re looking for.

Here we can navigate until we find the file or files we are looking for, and a preview will appear on the right so we can check it is correct.

  • Once we have selected the file or files that we are going to restore, we only need to click on the Restore button so that we can make them available again, in a simple, easy & convenient way.

Disk Drill is a paid program that is compatible with the Windows and Mac OS operating systems, although it also has a free version.


The basic version is completely free and allows us to recover files up to 500 MB in size. In addition, it has free data protection with Recovery Vault & gives us the ability to create byte-by-byte backups of defective disks. In addition, we will be able to preview all the recovery methods.

We can download it directly from the Fair Sign website, This is most recommended if you don’t need to recover large files.


The Pro version has a cost of 100.91 euros & can have lifetime updates for 32.89 euros. It has unlimited data recovery and can be used by the user with 3 activations.

It offers data recovery for home users with fast & deep analysis, Smart FAT & NTFS algorithms, and lost partition recovery. It can be used on all types of storage & file systems. This is best data recovery software after formatting hard disk!

  • The Enterprise version of Enterprise is the most comprehensive & focused primarily on the business sector. This is available for 565.82 euros, and you can purchase lifetime upgrades for 112.25 euros.

This version allows up to 10 users with endless activations & data recovery. It has a complete business data recovery package for companies with priority support.

№3. MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software
MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software

A quick guide to using the utility is easier than a spoon, since the program has only one main task:

  1. Download the program for data recovery MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software from the official website
    install it on a disk or removable drive — BUT NOT ON THE DISK THAT NEEDS TO BE RESTORED, THIS IS IMPORTANT!;
  2. Run the program;
  3. Select the disk to restore;
  4. Perform a scan;
  5. Select the found files & save them.

This is also one of the best data recovery software after formatting hard disk! It would seem that this is the whole instruction. The program itself looks nice, weighs a little, the interface is simple and clear, there are chips like stopping or pausing scanning, previewing files, & so on.

Additional features of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software

However, this program is not limited to its main task. How do you like, for example, the ability to restore deleted files from the trash?

I was slightly shocked when I found the data for 2017 on the disk. And completely restored a whole video file weighing 600 megabytes. Plus two pictures in perfect condition.

 Software Interface

& you can restore at least all the files that are there! And for three years, I have accumulated almost 600 GB of deleted files from all disks. How the program does these miracles-I do not know, but the fact remains.

  • Restoring from a desktop involves checking all the files on the computer that fall under the category ” what if you need to restore?”. I mean, at least a little deleted, lost, broken, & so on.

The developer promises that you can restore the data even after formatting or after deleting the sector. And yes, a short test with a Cougar VTE600 video review weighing 200 MB & a flash drive that had a partition deleted & re-created proved that MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software extracts files absolutely without problems, even in such situations.

Working with system files

I hope you enjoyed the article on Best data recovery software after formatting hard disk, all the best to you!
Best data recovery software after formatting hard disk – Power Data Recovery!

Moreover, one of the more powerful features of program is the recovery of files, for a moment, from the system disk.

That is, if your “SHINDOVS 10/10” flew to another world because of a virus-blocker, then by connecting the media to a laptop or other PC, you can restore valuable files from there & reinstall the system with a calm soul.

  • Lovely! But, of course, not a panacea — if you are caught on a virus-encryptor, then MiniTool Power will not be able to decrypt the files.

But he will get it, and then you yourself will continue somehow. In addition, this feature is not available in the free version.

Price & features of Power Data Recovery Software

Regarding the cost. The program is distributed absolutely free of charge, but it has limitations. If i understand correctly, then files up to 1 gigabyte are restored without a limit on the amount or time — since i got about 50 GB for the test, & i did not run into any limit.

  • However, paid versions do exist. From $69 (nice!) monthly, or $100 in a one-time payment. Paid versions allow you to download previous scans, manually upload .rss files, & extract files from system media, as already mentioned earlier.

Well, a trifle – a one-time payment gives not one key, but three at once, which will be absolutely ideal for small IT businesses. Well, the ordinary citizen, who restores a broken flash drive with pictures of decent content, will have enough of the usual free version.

P.S. Oh, yes, & i haven’t forgotten yet. If you have difficulty selecting ALL the files in a folder, & you are looking for a button for this & / or going through keyboard shortcuts — just click on the selected folder in the file manager on the left, and select all the files inside.

MiniTool Power Results

I must admit, hand on heart, i started reviewing this program without much enthusiasm. Well, really, what can an interesting application for data recovery offer?

  • It turned out that if this is MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software, then it can give me back my 2017. And much, much more. Do i recommend it? Yes, indeed!

Well, i hope you enjoyed the article on best data recovery software after formatting hard disk (HDD), all the best to you!Read also about Data security in cloud computing.

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