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Best video card for mining ethereum 2021 – Nvidia CMP 220HX

Best GPU for mining ethereum 2021
Best GPU for mining ethereum 2021 – Nvidia CMP 220HX

The best graphics card for miners? Best GPU for mining ethereum 2021 – this is Nvidia CMP 220HX at 210 MH/s performance will Cost Only $ 3000! Cryptocurrency miners may abandon GeForce RTX 3090 in favor of Nvidia CMP 220HX.

As a measure to combat the shortage of GeForce RTX 30-series graphics cards, NVIDIA has introduced four specialized graphics accelerators of the NVIDIA CMP HX series.

  • Designed exclusively for cryptocurrency mining. A special feature of these video cards is the absence of external video interfaces, as well as a special cryptomining processor (Crypto Mining Processor, CMP).
Nvidia CMP 220HX: The best video card for mining
Nvidia CMP 220HX: The best video card for mining in 2021!!!

The network has new details about the “most powerful video card for miners”. Recall, according to rumors, this is being prepared by Nvidia-based on the Ampere A100 GPU, which is used in the Nvidia A100 accelerator for PCIe for data centers.

Yesterday we gave a calculation that spoke about the low economic efficiency of the” mining monster ” Nvidia at the cost of the same as the Nvidia A100 for PCIe.

  • And this, for a moment, is $ 11,000! In this case, it is easier for miners to buy 3-4 GeForce RTX 3090 and get even more performance.

But new details about the promising new product make the “mining monster” much more attractive — so much so that after the release of this video card, miners can switch to it entirely, leaving, finally, the GeForce RTX 3090 to gamers.

Best GPU for mining ethereum 2021 - New NVIDIA video card!

Of course, an attractive graphics card can only be made by a combination of high performance in mining and a relatively low price. And in this regard, a promising new product will definitely please: with a hashrate of 210 MH/s, the price will be only $ 3000.

Best GPU for mining ethereum 2021 – comparison with GeForce RTX series…

  • For comparison, the average GeForce RTX 3090 costs the same amount now, with half the performance. According to preliminary data, the” monster of mining ” Nvidia will be called CMP 220HX, and its basis will really serve as the GPU A100. How the company will reduce the cost from $ 11,000 to $ 3,000 while maintaining the same GPU is still unclear.

The timing of the official announcement and start of sales of the one of the best GPU for mining ethereum 2021 CMP 220HX is also unknown.

In the second quarter, miners will have access to the CMP 50HX models with a performance of 45 MH/s (this is the level of the unlocked GeForce RTX 3060 or GeForce RTX 3060 Ti) and CMP 90HX with a performance of 86 MH / s (like the GeForce RTX 3080).

Apparently, the CMP 220HX will be put into production no earlier than the third quarter of this year. So you can expect to see it on sale only by the fall. Until then, the GeForce RTX 3090 is not worth hoping for a reduction in the cost.

New video cards for mining from NVIDIA on server technologies

Best videocard for minig etherium
Best videocard for minig etherium in 2021 year!

Until recently, the cryptocurrency lived its regular life, alternating fabulous rate rises with the same loud falls, until a number of factors contributed to its rapid growth.

  • Against the background of such popularity, special video cards for mining were even released. Soon there should be a flagship card from NVIDIA, the power of which will be almost twice the performance of the GeForce RTX 3090.

At one point, the popularity of cryptocurrencies increased significantly. This was greatly facilitated by some events, in particular, the rather loud statements of Elon Musk.

The demand for them has greatly increased, the exchange rate has increased, and the demand for mining equipment has immediately increased. Given the current situation with a shortage of semiconductors around the world, this has led to very sad consequences.

Best GPU for mining ethereum 2021 - New NVIDIA video card!
Video card for mining ethereum – Nvidia CMP 220HX, videochip
  • Miners quickly bought up video cards, and they disappeared from sale altogether. In the wake of such demand, NVIDIA decided to kill two birds with one stone – to increase its own sales and help its main customers, gamers, at least a little.

Video cards for miners have one distinctive feature – they are not designed for games. All unnecessary items were removed from them in order to reduce the price as much as possible.

Such a video card can not be fully used in games, it has a different purpose – to provide increased hashrate. Now NVIDIA is going to release a flagship video card, best GPU for mining ethereum 2021 based on the A100 chip. Read also about new NVIDIA RTX 4090 series videocard – release date, specs & price


Best GPU for mining ethereum 2021 – New NVIDIA video card!

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