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Best iphone under 1000 dollars – Iphone 8 Plus – pros, review 2021

Best iphone under 1000 dollars - Iphone 8 Plus 128 GB
Most Best iphone under 1000 dollars – Iphone 8 Plus 128 gb!

In this post, i will tell u which the best iphone under 1000 dollars – this is iphone 8 Plus 128 gb!. If I say that the best is the most expensive, it would be stupid, you must agree. It’s easier, but stupid. Everything in order – read below in the article.

  • For some reason, Apple has always made weak batteries for its smartphones. It seems that you are buying an expensive thing, but sometimes the charge does not call for a day.

I’ll say right away – i’m not an adherent of iPhones, i’m more comfortable with Android. But my friend used iPhones all his adult life, and he did not even want to look and does not want to look at the androids.

First he had 4, then 5S, now he has 11. I mean, I know a lot about these phones from a person who has been using Apple products all his life.

So, which best iphone under 1000 in 2021 – i think, it’s Apple iPhone 8 Plus 128 GB!

best iphone under 1000Why did i choose this particular model, and not the iphone 11, for example?

  • Not everything is as simple as it seems. We live in Rosssey. If we lived in the USA, I would boldly say – the best is the most expensive and newest iPhone.

We are poor, not rich, and for us the price is still woven into the concept of “the best and the most reliable”. Even if we imagine that the best and coolest iPhone is the latest model, what percentage of people are really ready to buy such a smartphone for themselves ??

And if very little, then so what if it is the most reliable)). I believe that a person should have a real opportunity to buy an iPhone, and not dream about it, or take a loan for it for 5 years to save for a long time …

  • The iPhone 8 Plus can be bought at a price of up to $700, and if you search, then even cheaper. Expensive, i agree, but still it’s not $1500 for the newest and coolest iPhone 12s Pro Max …

Here we go! So, why did i decide that Apple iPhone 8 Plus 128 GB is the best and most reliable smart of all iPhones

Best iphone under 1000 - Iphone 8 Plus - pros, review 2021
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 128 GB
  • Wireless charging. Only starting with the 8 series, the iphone began to support such a wonderful thing as wireless charging!

The seventh or sixth iPhone does not have it. Such charging ensures the reliability and durability of all charging cells, since there are no wires at all.

We just insert and remove the wire from the Lightning connector over and over again on iPhones 5, 6, or 7. This very much wears out the wires and the port itself in the phone. And the G8 does not have this, wireless charging is a very useful thing!

  • Big screen and good battery. In my opinion, these are solid pluses! Firstly, the 8 model has a small screen and therefore a small battery, and the 8 Plus has a much larger battery! And on the big screen it is more pleasant to watch YouTube and print messages.

The rechargeable battery in the best iphone under 1000 dollars – iphone 8 Plus 128 gb is 2691 mAh, and in the version without “Plus” it is only 1821 mAh. The difference is significant.

If you are still pondering the question – which of the iPhones is the best and most reliable, then feel free to look towards the iPhones with the Plus prefix – this is a bigger screen and a more powerful battery.

Well, right now, say that the big screen and “eats” a lot … There is such, but still the version with the Plus prefix lasts longer.

  • Protection on IP67 standart. Dust and water resistance is a big plus. And therefore this is another plus in favor of this iPhone.
  • 128 GB of memory. Yes, I think that’s a plus. 64 gig is not enough, and 256 seems to me too much already. Well, where do you want so much?

You are not going to collect 10 GB BD rips on your phone … 128 GB is enough for everything. You will definitely have enough for your photos, documents, films and various filmed videos.

Just 256 GB – this means a smartphone is immediately more expensive by $70. Are you willing to pay extra for memory that you 99% won’t use anyway? So think about it.

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Best iphone under 1000 – Iphone 8 Plus – pros, review 2021

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