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Control computer with thoughts – Facebook new idea in the future!

Control computer with thoughts
Control computer with thoughts – it’s true!

A new wristband developed by Facebook could allow users to control computer with thoughts in the future. The American company is already developing the appropriate technology.

  • Facebook predicts that augmented reality glasses will change the future of technology. As part of its Reality Labs team, Facebook is currently developing smart glasses, as well as a special wristband that will allow you to control specific equipment.

Neural bracelets can issue commands that will be transmitted directly to the computer, & the interaction will occur faster than with classical finger input.

Control computer with thoughts with the help of neural bracelets!

In this case, Facebook wants to use wrist input in conjunction with a useful but limited AI context. Neural “input” technology measures the internal activity of electrical impulses in the user’s body & converts the signals into input data for computer control.

The whole technology can serve as a kind of shortcut for the fingers or hands to use specific operations pre-programmed on the computer.

  • Researchers from Facebook Reality Labs reported that the new controller will have very advanced features. It will also be sensitive to touch & to surrounding objects. Thus, the technology will allow not only typing on a virtual keyboard, but also “lifting” objects in augmented reality.

The project of the secret division of the company will allow us to share our thoughts with other people in the same way as we share pictures or videos, says Mark Zuckerberg. Control computer with thoughts – this is real & our future!

The American corporation Facebook for the first time officially told about the methods that it develops in the field of computer control by the power of thought.

  • The presentation was made by Regina Dugan, who heads the company’s secret department Building 8, which deals with such research.

The idea is to “record thoughts directly” without using peripherals, she explained, speaking at the F8 developer conference organized by Facebook in San Jose, California. “It seems unrealistic, but it will probably be possible sooner than you think,” Dugan expressed confidence.

  • According to the head of Building 8, the company hopes to soon release a system that allows you to write with the power of thought 100 words per minute, which is five times faster than the speed of typing on a smartphone. At the same time.

Control computer with thoughts that is will be very fast & easy!

Facebook strives to ensure that the operation of the device does not require the implantation of any elements in the human body.

During the speech, the representative of the social network showed a video where a paralyzed woman types a text with the power of thought using a special implant.

  • The head of Building 8 explained that so far the system allows you to type eight words per minute. That is, control computer with thoughts that is will be very fast & easy!
Control computer with thoughts that is will be very fast
Control computer with thoughts that is will be very fast & easy!

Facebook is studying the possibility of monitoring the activity of speech centers in the brain of a silent person & transmitting information to a computer using special sensors.

Dugan noted that the company does not seek to create a system that would ” decipher random thoughts of people.” “You can imagine it like this: you take a lot of photos, but you don’t post all the pictures. You also have a lot of thoughts, but you only share a few, ” she explained.

  • In 2015, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (#5 in the Forbes global billionaires ranking, worth $56 billion) argued that the future of communication could well be ” telepathy.”

“One day, I believe that we will be able to send fully formed thoughts to each other directly, using technology,” he said. “You will just be able to come up with something, & your friends will immediately be able to experience it with you,” the entrepreneur noted.

At the end of the conference, he noted that one day the company’s project will allow people to share their thoughts in the same way that we share photos or videos with other people.

“Our brain produces enough data to broadcast 4HD movies every second. The problem is that while the best way to get information in the world — speech-is able to transmit only the amount of data that a modem from the 1980s, ” the businessman complained.

  • The head of Building 8 also said that Facebook is also engaged in technologies that would allow the deaf to perceive sounds.

The company is testing a method of converting sound into vibration & other signals that the user feels with the skin – “a complex system of nerves that transmit data to the brain.”

During the presentation, Dugan showed a recording of a man who is unable to speak & see, communicating using devices from Facebook.

  • The head of Facebook’s secret division previously led the US Department of Defense’s Office of Advanced Research Projects (DARPA).

Until April 2016, she also managed the Innovative Technologies & Projects (ATAP) division at Google, which develops innovative technologies, until she was poached by the founder of Facebook.

At Google, Dugan, in particular, was responsible for creating a technology for building a 3D model of space using a smartphone (project Tango).

  • in general, control computer with thoughts will happen very soon….. Previously, we dreamed of how to call a relative and ask how he was doing…. And remember we had pagers!!!

It was a joy to send a simple text message to a friend!! At that time, we could not even imagine that there would be some smartphones, and they would be your whole life! We couldn’t imagine what a touch screen was…..

But now it’s high-tech time. Now we can’t even imagine our life without a smartphone, without gadgets. But now comes the time when a person will print with the power of thought!

Can you imagine that????? What’s next? Probably flying cars…. Although jet packs are already there)). Read also – new NVIDIA RTX 4090 series videocard, release date, specs & price!!

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Control computer with thoughts – new idea of Facebook!

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