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Modern & cool gadget news 2021

gadget news 2021 
Modern gadget news 2021

Now, cool gadget news 2021 – US Army has demonstrated the capabilities of its new night vision goggles, which “highlight” people and weapons.

New US Army Night Vision Technology

  • All this is reminiscent of one of the alien vision modes from the movie “Predator”. In a new post posted on Twitter, we can see how the new US Army night vision goggles work.

Unlike the classic counterparts, the new technology allows you to improve the contours of characters and weapons. The distinctive green and grainy image was replaced with a sharp and illuminated one, and all the people were highlighted with bright edges.

  • The first association that drew the attention of internet users is the fictional predator character known from the movies and his famous “vision modes”.

ENVG-B, the name of the new glasses, was created by L3harris technologies. The device uses augmented reality technology, which constantly works with the active situational orientation system “Nett Warrior”.

It defines and identifies the boundaries of the data of people and objects, and then displays them to the user. Everything is aimed at highlighting key information on the battlefield.

The glasses replace the traditional green phosphor colors with white counterparts. This should provide better contrast and sharpness in poor conditions.

  • The novelty is additionally equipped with a built-in thermal imaging camera, which allows the user to see through dust, smoke and other visual obstacles.

The entire structure weighs about 1.13 kg and is attached to the front of the helmet. Built-in high-efficiency rechargeable batteries are used for power supply.

Gadget news 2021 – Samsung launches the first soundbar with surround sound 11.1.4

Samsung launches HW-Q950A
Samsung launches HW-Q950A

Samsung has announced the start of official sales of the soundbar with the designation HW-Q950A. This model of the soundbar is the first in the world that boasts 11.1.4 surround sound.

The new product is the successor to the very popular model HW-Q950T, which has a surround sound of 9.1.4. Now the audio volume is even wider, because Samsung HW-Q950A is a proposal that offers channels in the range of 11.1.4, making this device the first in the world with such a sound space.

  • This is thanks to the use of an external wireless subwoofer and two speakers in addition to the base sound bar. It, in turn, consists of four front speakers with Dolby Atmos support and six side speakers with a 360-degree range.

The novelty is equipped with SpaceFit Sound technology, which automatically calibrates the sound system depending on the size of the room – for this you need to use a Samsung QLED TV.

Pre sale is currently launched exclusively in the United States, but soon it will appear in Europe – the price of this model is 1799 dollars.

Urbanista Los Angeles solar headphones that can play endlessly

Urbanista Los Angeles solar headphones
Urbanista Los Angeles solar headphones

Urbanista Los Angeles is a new wireless headphone that has an interesting feature. The manufacturer claims that they can play indefinitely.

How is this possible? It uses a special solar panel to generate energy from the light. In addition, here we find the ANC function, that is, active noise reduction.

  • Urbanista Los Angeles – very interesting wireless headphones. The price was set at 169 british pounds, or about $ 238.

The equipment is distinguished by a special Powerfoyle panel, which allows you to get energy not only from the Sun, but also from light sources in general.

So the new headphones can play endlessly. There is also a USB C connector, through which you can also charge the battery.

The new product has ANC, which is an active noise reduction, enabled by a single button. The manufacturer also mentions integration with Google Assistant or Siri.

Xiaomi & Razer will work together. New features of Yeelight

Xiaomi & Razer Yeelight
Xiaomi & Razer Yeelight

Xiaomi owned company Yeelight has introduced two new devices from the lighting segment, which feature support for the Razer Chroma lighting system. This is a special lighting panel and a smart light bulb.

Two new products from Xiaomi Yeelight – a very interesting offer for people who own computer accessories from Razer & want to integrate the backlight of these devices with other equipment.

Both new products offer full support for the Chroma system, as the Chinese reported during yesterday’s Razer DevCon conference.

  • The first equipment is the Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro. This is a device that allows you to display the full RGB color palette behind the screen on which it will be placed.

The effect is similar to the solution used by Philips in Ambilight or Ambiglow technology, and the lighting can be synchronized with both Razer accessories and games.

Support for a full RGB palette is also offered by the Yeelight Smart Bulb W3-the manufacturer also boasts high energy efficiency of this device thanks to a special standby mode.

A new handheld gadget is charged thanks to our body temperature!

handheld gadget is charged thanks to our body temperature
Gadget news 2021: handheld gadget is charged thanks to our body temperature

Researchers from CU Boulder have created a rather unique device that will be charged thanks to … to the user who wears it.

As reported by SciTechDaily, the device is described as a wearable gadget, which means that it can be a ring, bracelet or other equipment of this type that will touch the skin.

  • It is very important that the device should use the natural temperature of our body and use thermoelectric generators to change the body temperature into electricity.

As reported by Jianliang Xiao from CU Boulder, in the future there will be electronic devices that for this reason will not need batteries.

At the moment, the developed gadget is able to generate 1 volt for every square inch of skin. At the moment, this is less than the existing batteries, but it should be enough for bracelets or watches. Read also Best chargers for Apple iphone.

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