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Hardware news: Samsung shows off new flexible OLED screens for phones & tablets

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New flexible OLED screens for phones & tablets!

Hardware news: Samsung has unveiled new flexible OLED screens that clearly show the direction in which phones and tablets will evolve. So, we are waiting for the appearance of large, foldable tablets and smartphones that can be folded three times.

  • Samsung Display has yet to show off the actual devices. The images we can view are taken from the Samsung Display announcement at the Society for Information Display conference. The exhibition will be held online on Friday, May 21.

Samsung has already announced that it will introduce a 7.2-inch screen that can be folded several times. This is a hint that we will be waiting for the phone to fold “into an accordion”, as you can see in the photo above.

Samsung Display will show the latest display technology at “SID Display Week 2021”:

  1. S-foldable
  2. 17 inch tablet / PC foldable display
  3. Slidable
  4. UPC pic.twitter.com/8rAdLVowbE

Another novelty is a 17 – inch screen with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Samsung is convinced that with its help you can wear something small, but watch something big. It can be used as a tablet when folded in half, and when unfolded, it will replace a full size monitor.

The concept of this device is reminiscent of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, only Lenovo’s hardware is a Windows 10 computer with an Intel processor, and Samsung is likely to target Android and Arm.

Xiaomi introduces FlipBuds Pro – Headphones like AirPods Pro, this is really good hardware news!

Xiaomi introduces FlipBuds Pro
Newest Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro headphones

Xiaomi has just unveiled its new true wireless headphones. This is the FlipBuds Pro model that has appeared in China at the moment.

Xiaomi enters the segment of vacuum headphones, which do not have wires between the cases – the company has released new headphones FlipBuds.

  • The first model on the Chinese market is the FlipBuds Pro, which is rather in the premium segment. The novelty has a design reminiscent of the AirPods Pro, as well as, of course, the ANC function, which is active noise suppression.

The novelty is equipped with a Qualcomm QCC5151 audio system and 11-mm drivers. The headphones support Bluetooth 5.2. Xiaomi also reports that it will be possible to play games in them. Also, of course, there’s gesture control, similar to what we know from AirPods Pro.

A long press on the headphones is a change between the “transparency” and fade-out modes, and a single press is to accept a conversation or stop playing music. A double tap is a move to the next song or a rejection of a call.

Battery life of up to 28 hours on a single charge without ANC, as well as up to 7 hours of active playback. For headphones, you will have to pay 799 yuan – $  124.

Honor 50 appeared on the renderers, we know what the camera will be like

Honor 50
New smartphone Honor 50

Honor has been appearing in leaks for some time in the context of the upcoming Honor 50 series. Now we can take a look at what this smartphone looks like, and what kind of camera it will get.

The Honor 50 will have two fairly large main camera modules on the back panel on the left side of the device. Interestingly, this is very similar to what we know from the Honor V40 series and Huawei Nova 8.

  • Thanks to the new render, we can understand what the 50 series phone will look like – it is not known whether it is the Honor 50, Honor 50 Pro or 50 Pro+.

The device, as you can see, will get three cameras in the main module – the main one will be placed in the upper circle, and the periscope camera and the third camera will find their place in the lower panel.

In addition, it is also known that the version presented on this render will be called “Jifeng Blue”. The phone itself should get a MediaTek 1200, and the Pro version will have a Qualcomm processor.

Xiaomi doesn’t get blacklisted in the United States

Xiaomi doesn't get blacklisted in the United States
Xiaomi doesn’t get blacklisted in the USA!

Good hardware news for Xiaomi. The company probably managed to avoid the problem of getting on the investment blacklist, which it was placed on at the end of the presidency of Donald Trump.

At the end of President Donald Trump’s term, the US Department of Defense added Xiaomi to the investment blacklist along with other Chinese companies and identified the corporations as a “communist military company.”

  • Now it turns out that the Americans are backing away from this idea – or at least in the context of Xiaomi. According to Bloomberg, citing court documents, the Defense Ministry proposed to review this decision, although it is not yet known on what terms.

Currently, both parties, that is, Xiaomi and the US government, are negotiating the appropriate terms of the settlement. The proposal for a peaceful solution to the case should appear officially on May 20 of this year.

We add that such a turn of events appeared not without reason Xiaomi quickly challenged the decision of the Americans to block the opportunity to invest in a Chinese company. Since then, there has been a legal battle.

If we are talking about plans related to Xiaomi, it is worth remembering the company Yeelight, which is owned by a corporation that cooperates with Razer – two new devices from the lighting segment and a smart light bulb are presented.

We also add that the company is working on a new foldable smartphone, which currently has the designation J18s and will have a camera under the display. Read also my post Most powerful CPU in the world 2021 for home.

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