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How to choose a tablet right in 2021, which tablet to select for work in 2021

How to choose a tablet right in 2021
How to choose a tablet right – which tablet to select for work or for home

How to choose a tablet right – today, a very wide range of people buy tablets. Students for study, business people for work, and, for example, children are taken for games.

  • The range is quite wide, there are many different manufacturers. And sometimes it is very difficult to choose the right tablet for your specific goals.

So, which tablet to choose a high-quality 10-inch-tips, what you should pay attention to
Screen diagonal

The first thing you should pay attention to is the diagonal of the screen. There are 7, 9.7, 10.2 inches (just like the iPad). But the larger the diagonal of the screen, the higher the cost of the tablet.

  • If you choose for example to travel in the subway, to pass the time on business trips, when moving, you can safely choose the diagonal of the screen 10 inches, you will not be mistaken.

In principle, no more is needed. If you take a child to play games, for Internet use, it is better to choose a diagonal of 9.7 inches. There are also 8 inches and more than 10 inches.


Manufacturer. I do NOT recommend buying tablets from the company IRBIS. There can be a lot of problems with drivers, with flashing. It is better to choose ASUS, ACER, LENOVO.

How to choose a tablet right – see the screen resolution

How to choose a tablet right in 2021, which tablet to select for work

Screen resolution and display format (screen aspect ratio). There are 16:9 and the outdated 4:3 (square) format.
Which tablet to choose a high-quality 10-inch-if for the Internet and for movies-definitely the format should be 16:9 (wide format). The standard resolution for 10-inch screens is Full HD (1920 x 1080).


The matrix. The matrix type is very important for a tablet computer. Of course, IPS matrices are preferable. The eyes do not get tired of such a screen, it does not hurt the eyes.


The material from which the case is made is also important. Of course, it is desirable that the body was metal. It is impact-resistant and durable.

How to choose a tablet right, the battery is a very important component!

The battery is also important. This will depend on how much the tablet can work on time without recharging.
The more powerful the battery, the better.

  • But the more expensive and heavier the gadget will be. The optimal battery capacity for a 10-inch screen is about 8000 mAh, for a 7-inch screen-about 4000-5000 mAh.

Now we move on to the most important – the processor, the video core and RAM

How to choose a tablet right in 2021, which tablet to select for work

Processor & graphics chip

Processor and graphics chip. The processor will determine the speed of the tablet (the speed of its operation). The more powerful the better.

  • For the Internet and games, it is better to choose a tablet with 4 or better with an 8-core processor, with a frequency of at least 2 gigahertz.

I noticed that the mistake of many is that people think that if this is a tablet for a child, then you can buy the cheapest one. No! This is a misconception.

On the contrary, a child needs a powerful, good tablet for games, and better from a well-known brand, such as ASUS. I just know that many people take the Digma type for $ 80 and then they are indignant: for some reason, the brakes are some and everything works slowly at all…

RAM memory

RAM. Affects the speed of the device. For any purpose, there must be at least 3 GB of RAM. And it is better to have 4 GB or more. The more RAM the better and the more expensive the tablet is.
Operating System

Operating system. There are Windows, iOS, and Android. iOS is the operating system on Apple tablets. Windows is the same system as on regular PCs or laptops.

Android is a common system for most smartphones and tablets.
Now you know which tablet to choose a high-quality 10-inch and what to pay attention to when buying. Good luck to everyone!

Which best tablet 10.1 in 2021?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – best tablet under 250!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10 – price $ 227 (Amazon)

I think this is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10”. I believe that this is the best tablet 10 inches under 250 dollars.


  1. This is Samsung. Therefore, you can not worry about the quality and durability;
  2. Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor, 8 Kryo 260 cores
  3. Fresh Android 10 “out of the box”; The tenth android is very optimized and quite fast and smooth, does not slow down at all (shell One UI 2.1);
  4. Adreno 610 Graphics Adapter
  5. Stereo Sound
  6. Metal housing;
  7. Normal battery capacity-7040 mAh
  8. 3 GB RAM, built-in 32/64;
  9. The weight is less than 500 grams.
  10. 8 MP camera, there is a selfie camera, autofocus;
  11. Fast charging technology.


  1. No wireless charging;
  2. No dust and moisture protection;
  3. For someone, Android will be a minus, who is a supporter of Windows tablets.
  4. Tablets are convenient because they have a relatively large screen, more powerful than smartphones.
  5. Some tablets have convenient removable keyboards.
  6. Which turns an ordinary tablet into a full-fledged netbook.

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How to choose a tablet right in 2021, which tablet to select for work

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