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How to choose CPU for PC in 2021 – step by step guide

How to choose CPU for PC
How to choose CPU for PC?

So, how to choose CPU for PC in 2021 – many people are interested in this question before you decide to build a brand new computer for games or office work.

  • Remember – processor is always selected together with motherboard, power supply and RAM! All of this must be compatible!

How to choose CPU for PC in 2021

How to choose CPU for PC with motherboard – step by step instructions

Set a goal – what you need it for?. Are you going to play or just work in the office, or are you going to encode videos? If computer will be gaming – you need a very powerful processor with a reserve for the future.

  1. If you need a computer for office work and just print documents, then you can use an inexpensive handler under $100;
  2. Choose manufacturer – Intel or AMD;
  3. If you are wondering how to choose the correct CPU – note a parameter such as the “instruction set”. This is much more important than frequency!;
  4. How many cores do you need? I recommend choosing with 4 or more physical cores. 2 cores already becoming old in 2021;
  5. How to choose CPU for PC – first make sure that socket CPU matches a socket on motherboard!;
  6. When buying a motherboard, be sure to make sure that it is full size – ATX, do not take micro-ATX, unless compactness of computer case is important to you;
  7. Always choose motherboards with solid state capacitors, they last a very long time and do not swell over time. Although now all modern boards come with such capacitors. But if you choose used – check motherboard very carefully for presence of bad electrolytes.

How to choose a cpu for your motherboard

How to choose CPU for PC in 2021How to choose a desktop CPU – is one of most important question, if you decide to build your PC. So you need to approach it as responsibly as possible.

  • Selected handler will greatly affect the performance of many programs and other components that will be installed on the computer in the future. So if you have a question about how to pick a CPU for PC, set a goal for yourself – for what you pc.

You also need to understand that you can’t just pick up any CPU for your PC, even if you build it from scratch. First of all, you need to find out whether your motherboard (or motherboard you are going to choose) supports handler that you have looked at.

  • This should be understood to avoid unnecessary expenses, since not all motherboards are able to work correctly with powerful CPU.

There are many processor models on market. Some of them are suitable only for low performance “office” and semimobile computers, while others can be used without problems for a workstation for solving complex professional tasks (3D modeling, working with video, etc.) or for a game station.

Basic tips – how to choose the right CPU for your motherboard that should help you decide on choice:

Which CPU to choose for PC in 2020 – AMD or Intel?

  • Today there are two main manufacturers of central processors on market Intel and AMD. How to choose your CPU?

How to choose CPU for PC in 2021Choose manufacturer that you have more confidence in. We will discuss these two suppliers in more detail below.You don’t need to pay too much attention to CPU frequency. Fact that higher frequency, more productive – is a myth.

  • Performance is affected as much, and sometimes more, by other parameters. For example, number of cores, cache size, and other parameters. Find out if your motherboard supports this processor. There are motherboards that do not support AMD or Intel line at all.

Do not forget that a powerful processor and accessories will have to buy appropriate cooling system. How to choose CPU cooling fan – read here. Also read post – best budget CPU for gaming 2021 under 100, 200 and 300 dollars.

And more powerful computer you plan to build, higher the requirements for this system will be.In characteristics of handler, be sure to pay attention to overclocking capabilities.

  • There are quite inexpensive models that, thanks to skillful overclocking, can “hold out” for some characteristics to level of from premium segment.

When you buy a processor and install it on your computer, don’t forget to apply thermal paste to it. This is a mandatory procedure that must be performed in order to avoid overheating. Usually, this solution is applied to process once and can last for about a year, depending on brand used.

  • Choosing a handler manufacturer There are only two companies on market that do this AMD & Intel. Both produce microprocessors and video cards for different devices, but there are differences between them, which will be discussed below.

AMD company

How to choose CPU for PC in 2021Company’s products are mainly focused on budget and mid budget segments. However, among presentedmodels, you can also find those that belong to premium class. Users of products from this company note following advantages in comparison with its main competitor.

  • Lower price and at same time quality does not suffer. In most cases, users will not need to “Overpay for brand”. Manufacturer allows its customers to make overclock, as well as perform other settings, such as changing voltage. Some models can be overclocked up to 50% of original power;

If you are wondering how to choose CPU for PC – do not take a processor for sake of overclocking, it should only be as an additional option

Capabilities of processors in multitasking mode are better developed. AMD is trying to produce multi platform solutions. That is, you should not have problems with fact that handler does not work well with motherboard, RAM dies, etc.

  • However, AMD products have their own specific disadvantages. They are are not highly reliable compared to their competitors. You may often encounter various bugs and other problems. Often they begin to appear with the” age ” of the.

Products from Advanced Micro Devices are famous for fact that they often overheat. This is especially true for those models that were artificially overclocked, or were originally delivered with high capacities.

AMD CPUs may not be compatible with products from some other companies, such as Intel. This usually applies to motherboards and graphics adapters.

 Intel company

How to choose CPU for PC in 2021Intel has long been engaged in design and production of processors for various tasks. Company’s products are of high quality, but at same time and price is also higher.

A distinctive feature of CPU from Intel is low operating temperature, so user can save on cooling system.

  • Learn more about benefits: implemented CPU resource allocation based on program requirements. Due to this, most severe of program receive greater priority in allocation of computing capacity. This should also be taken into account when asking question how to choose CPU for PC.

Intel handler interact better with computer’s RAM, which can also significantly speed up performance of operating system.

Lower power consumption and heat generation, which is why these processors are recommended for use in laptops and small cases. There are many programs that are better optimized for working with Intel.

  • However, this manufacturer has its drawbacks: When working with complex applications, it suffers from multitasking, for example, resources may be allocated incorrectly.

When you buy many Intel products, you are overpaying for promoted brand. Compatibility issues. Some Intel processors may not be compatible with certain motherboards, RAM strips, and other computer components. Reduced CPU overclocking capabilities compared to AMD. Some handlers can’t be overclocked at all.

Frequency & number of cores

How to choose CPU for PC in 2021There is a common myth that more cores and clock speeds a CPU has, better it works and more powerful it is. This is only partially true, since performance in this case will be significantly affected by other computer components. First of all, hard disk and RAM.

If you have a weak HDD and RAM of DDR3 format or lower, then you will not notice much performance from a powerful handler.

Intel core i9

If you need a computer for office work and games at medium and low settings, we recommend that you buy a centralprocessor with 2 – 4 cores, but in conjunction with a good SSD disk.

This will ensure high performance in many games, office applications, browsers, and image editors. In order to work professionally with graphics, play at maximum settings, work with video and 3D objects (at a professional level).

So, how to choose CPU for PC right! You will have to include a powerful video card and handler with improved frequency characteristics and a largenumber of cores.

  • If you need to choose between two or more models with same performance indicators, try looking at their comparative characteristics, results of various tests, and reviews on internet. In most cases, they are found without any problems.

CPUs from different price categories. In total, there are three price categories: most budget CPUs. Only AMD is engaged in their production.

How to choose CPU for PC in 2021Power is enough only for most primitive tasks working in simple office programs, browsing web, primitive games. Also, in this case, a lot depends on other computer components.

  • If they do not have high capacities, then system will not work correctly. Average price category. It features both high performance handler from AMD and Intel, but with slightly lower performance.

In  case of AMD, you will have to additionally “fork out” for a good cooling system, which can offset benefits of low price of processor itself.

And then there is not only question of how to choose CPU for PC but also question of how to choose a good cooler.

  • In case of Intel, you will have to try on a slightly lower performance, but you will not have to spend money on cooling system.

Premium segment. Here are stones from both Intel and AMD with Top end configurations. Characteristics of both companies in this segment will be approximately same.

Cooling system

On market, you can find many processors that come with an already built-in cooling system  (so-called “box system”).

  • Such systems are better adapted to a specific ndler, so it is not recommended to change them for no particular reason, even if you have found a better analog of cooling system.

In event that you do not have enough capacity for proper cooling, best solution in this case is to buy an additional system. It might even be cheaper.

It is worth noting that Intel CPU have a cooling system that is included in package, significantly inferior in quality to the” red ” competitor. Also for you there is an article on how to pick a CPU fan.

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How to choose CPU for PC in 2021

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