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How to choose TV size for living room in 2021 – tips from an expert

How to choose TV size for living room
How to choose TV size for living room in 2021

Looking for the best big screen TV? In this post, i’ll l tell u how to choose TV size for living room, for your home, give you useful tips from an expert and tell you what you should pay special attention to when buying. Well, right to point, I will not write a long introduction).

TV viewing angles – i think this is the most important selection criterion, now you will understand why, i will explain.

Big screen may seem like coolest thing that TV has, but a big cool screen does not mean anything, believe me!

  • So what if you can only look straight into this huge display normally? And if there are a lot of people in room and everyone is sitting in different corners, how can they look if viewing angles are small? People will just be bad at seeing image.

Think about other people when they watch movies with you, and whether they will also be able to perceive everything that happens from their seats…

An OLED screen, for example, may be a better option if family and guests will often sit in room in different places when watching movies, especially at night in dark.

  • After all, not everyone will be able to fit in middle of room and look directly at TV. That is why it is so important that TV has good viewing angles, it is extremely important! There is another very important nuance, but more on it later in article.

But for example, QLED technology provides a better “picture” if you are sitting right in front of screen. By the way, if you plan to watch movies alone, then a QLED screen is better.

How to choose TV size for living room – pay attention to the viewing angles so that your eyes and neck do not get tired

How to choose TV sizeIn general, it is recommended to keep viewing angle 36°, but I still, as an expert in these matters, advise you to keep it somewhere around 42° to reduce eye strain and neck pain, this is also important.

  • Fact is that as you sit further and further away from TV screen, amount of light entering your eyes decreases significantly. While zooming in on screen increases it.
    Screen brightness (luminosity of display surface)

In order to clearly see image on TV from a distance, it requires a higher brightness value. Brightness (luminosity of screen surface in LED technologies) is measured in “nits” (nits).

Average values can range from about 200 to 500 nits. But if you sit not very far away, then usually 150 – 200 nits is enough.
And thanks to 4K, we can now sit closer to our screens without seeing pixels). And 8K is generally a very chic image quality, as if you are looking out of a window…

How to choose TV size for living room – look at diagonal of screen (depends on size of  room)

To get an idea of right screen size for your room, measure distance from where your TV will be to where you will be sitting.

  • Then divide by 2 or 2.5. You can also recreate a “screen” with some tape on wall, and then recline on couch and see if it’s comfortable to look straight.

Your natural eye line should be from center to bottom third of screen height, and your eyes and head should not move up, down, or side to side to cover entire screen.

How to choose TV size for living room in 2021It seems like it’s all nonsense, but believe me, it’s all important. You buy a modern TV-and this is a very expensive thing, it will be with you for a long time, like a computer in fact.

  • It is also important to keep in mind size of entire TV, along with its stands and frames, and not just size of screen.

Height, width and depth are always specified in instructions, so if you are seriously wondering how to choose TV size for living room for your home, then be sure to measure entire space or surface area and make sure that it fits base and back of TV, stand and legs.

Same applies to actual image space inside screen itself, not just screen size, as this can be misleading. Now you will understand what we are talking about.

For example, a 55-inch screen may actually look more like a 52-inch screen when you consider frames and borders of entire TV. And many TV frames can be very thick (for an amateur), for example, I can not stand thick frames.

Lighting around TV, in type of LED lighting Ambilight – a cool thing by the way, first created by Philips.

Sitting too far away, and even in a dark room, can also cause eye fatigue. After all, your pupils begin to dilate in dark to compensate for lack of light.

After a few hours or even minutes, such viewing in dark can cause irritation or even a headache.

  • EXPERT TIPS: Buy TVs with Ambilight lighting only! Believe me, you will fall in love with this technology! I myself was blown away after watching a movie with such a miracle of lighting in complete darkness in room.

At first I thought it was all bullshit and overpaying money, but then I just couldn’t watch a single movie without this dynamic lighting! In dark, watching a movie is a pleasure, and it’s beautiful and your eyes don’t get tired.

Demonstration of Ambilight illumination


How to choose TV size for living room? Only with Ambilight! Ambilight is a multi colored LED backlight that is illuminated at back of TV on sides or even in height, and glows with color that color will prevail in a particular area of screen.

For example, on right side of screen there is more blue – blue diodes to right of screen light up, and if there is more green on left – green diodes light up. And all this changes every second! You just have to see it.

Sound: speakers are better external, additional

As TVs get flatter and thinner, there’s less room inside for high-quality speakers, and sometimes none at all.

  • EXPERT ADVICE: Buy an additional 5.1 speaker system to your TV, or better yet, 7.1. Believe me, it’s a pleasure to watch movies with such surround sound!

Although spending more money on external sound can be expensive, it makes a huge difference. With powerful speakers and ample space, you can sit safely away from screen and not miss a single sound detail.

So, how to choose a TV for your home: QLED or OLED:  eternal battle of image technology

QLED vs OLED: Both types of TVs are capable of showing 4K. It’s really all about highlighting pixels.

How to choose TV size for living room in 2021QLED pixels are highlighted from back or side for a much brighter image, while OLED pixels are highlighted individually, meaning they only light up when image requires it, and are otherwise off-or “completely black”.”That’s difference.

  • Large OLED screen will provide enough brightness for Full HD. But sitting at a considerable distance can strain your vision. By the way, I also have an interesting article about most expensive TVs in world, maybe it will be interesting.

“Oled” also looks good from almost any angle, while viewing QLED from a large angle can cause colors to be blurred and generally darken (color inversion).

This is rare, of course, but still OLED displays are prone to burnout, which can leave a printed image on screen if it is paused for too long. So if you don’t know how to choose TV size for living room then choose better QLED TV!

  • Such TVs are produced mainly by LG and Sony, using organic materials. By the way, there is only one major manufacturer of QLED TVs on market right now – Samsung.

Budget for purchase, as well as without it

It all comes down to how much money you are willing to spend on buying a new TV. Don’t just choose biggest screen. Do everything deliberately. Avoid “impulse” purchases!

  • If you are still thinking about ” how to choose a TV for your home” – then know that a properly selected TV can even benefit you!

For example, a screen for a small office doesn’t necessarily need extra purchase of external speakers, as built-in speakers can be more than enough in a confined space.

I’ve picked up 3 TVs that you might like – just as examples of what you can take.

1.Samsung Flat 75″ QLED 4K Q60 Series – price $ 1.897 (Amazon)

Samsung Flat 65 " QLED 4K Q60 Series (75'')This model has been designed with changing light in mind and is perfect for a living room or a central place in your home where everyone has access.

  • Thanks to quantum dot technology and a powerful processor, image is instantly scaled, using a wide range of shades and color volume for clear, crisp, cinematic clarity.

Screen is large enough, beautifully bright and realistic, with more than a billion colors forming a perfect picture in various lighting conditions. There is HDR.

65-inch TV is  new big-screen standard, with a large immersive display for everything from movies to sports broadcasts.

2. Sony X750H 55” 4K Ultra HD LED – price $ 730 (Amazon)

Sony X750H 55Sony’s attention to detail here is impressive-not only in technical part, but also in display itself. Image is natural, natural with ultra-high resolution and a wide range of colors, textures and contrasts.

Equipped with a Sony 4K processor, this TV allows you to view anything with improved quality, even if it wasn’t shot that way.

  • By the way, if you do not know how to choose a TV for your home, then feel free to buy a TV with a 4K or even 8K resolution – you will not be mistaken!

Its MotionFlowXR240 leaves almost no lag, which is a huge improvement for fast action scenes or games. 55-inch screen is just right size for most living rooms.

3.Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 43-inch Smart 4K UHDprice $ 319 (Amazon)

Insignia NS-43DF710NA21This 43-inch, HDR-compatible Insignia balances benefits of a smart device with simplicity of software.

Display glows with more than eight million colors and a 60 Hz refresh rate, providing a clear and realistic 4K Ultra HD image.

  • Connecting to external devices is easy with help of three HDMI ports, which allows you to customize each of them to your needs.

Its DTS Studio sound fills a small space, but for larger rooms where you’ll be sitting far behind, it’s recommended to purchase a set of external speakers.

Well, here is the end of the article, i hope now you will know how to choose TV size for living room and enjoy watching!


How to choose TV size for living room in 2021

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