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HTC Vive Cosmos headset 2021 – review, specs & price of new gadget

HTC Vive Cosmos headset 2021
HTC Vive Cosmos headset 2021 – the best headset VR!

HTC Vive Cosmos headset VR are designed to be connected to a computer to play games with the necessary parameters.

  • The entire system is made in the form of a gaming headset, which is as simple as possible to connect: the headset will adjust to your parameters in virtual reality thanks to replaceable modules. For completeness, the image in the model has a resolution of 2880 by 1700.

For maximum space coverage, the HTC Vive Cosmos virtual reality glasses use six-chamber sensors. Clear graphics are created due to the high refresh rate of the display, namely 90 Hz.

HTC Vive Cosmos virtual reality glasses
Headset HTC Vive Cosmos virtual reality glasses

A unique feature of the device is the folding display, which will immediately return you to reality, without disturbing the virtual world. The model already has a built-in microphone and headphones, which will complement your virtual reality as much as possible.

  • The HTC Vive PRO virtual reality headset has a well-designed design that blocks the maximum amount of daylight, which allows you to significantly increase the effect of using it. The resolution of the reproduced image is 2880×1600 pixels.

Now, HTC Vive Cosmos headset 2021 – this is the best that is on the market of Virtual Reality!

HTC Vive Cosmos PRO
HTC Vive Cosmos – very cool glasses! It’s groovy!

The HTC Vive PRO model is suitable for use both at home and in the offices of various organizations. Connects to laptops or PCs that meet the required requirements. There is a headphone jack on the headset body, which will provide a complete immersion in virtual reality.


  1. The best that is on the market of Virtual Reality – it’s HTC Vive Cosmos headset! Before that, i used the first HTC Vive, compared to it, the picture has become much nicer and clearer, it sits more comfortably on my head ( + no need to buy external headphones now). I tried Lenovo and other WMR-much less convenient & less content.
  2. The game does not require the installation of base stations: the headset monitors everything with built-in cameras;
  3. The display has a large resolution, at the time of purchase the highest among other vives and oculus;
  4. Ergonomics in general: both the controllers and the headset are very comfortable;
  5. cool resolution, good image quality, no need for base stations,
  6. support for SteamVR. It works immediately after connecting (I have after a single reinstall of Vive Software).
  7. You can watch movies in your personal kinoteart using Skybox VR, games work fine.
  8. The picture is good.
  9. Convenient attachment on the head, even for a 4-year-old child easily configured.
  10. The headset reclines, again comfortable.
  11. Not heavy.
  12. The sound is also well made.
  13. In general, the ergonomics turned out well.



  1. Due to tracking cameras from the headset, playing shooters can be problematic due to the fact that the glasses can not accurately track the controller that is behind the controller. That is, aiming from any rifle will be inconvenient and often buggy;
  2. The headset is sensitive to light: tracking starts to work poorly if there is too much or too little light. The optimal light is sought by the poke method;
  3. There are some problems with tracking, but they were also in other headsets with tracking from cameras, solved by firmware.
  4. The VR headset is heavy, the controllers have a lot of buttons (although for some this is a plus).

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite VR System – price $ 899 (Amazon)


There are features. The HTC Vive Cosmos headset VR needs an overall uniform illumination. With one light source, it is buggy. But with several points with a uniform illumination of the room, it is generally excellent.

  • According to the controllers, the headset can lose them if you throw your hands up and strongly back, but it is necessary to bend straight into the reverse steering wheel ;) the speed of operation is also normal, the cubes are cut to the music of the current so.

According to the heating, there is a small fan in the headset, the noise is not particularly noticeable. If you don’t like it, then add a sound in a horror movie, there you will not only forget about the fan, but also about the rules of decency…

Batteries or accumulators will last for 12-15 hours. It will be hot under the headset only in particularly active games. In general, this budget is a decent choice. So, read also my post – Analogue Pocket – portable game console.

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HTC Vive Cosmos headset 2021 – review, specs & price

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