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Apple iphone 12 PRO MAX specs, price & shipping date

iphone 12 PRO MAX specs
Large cutout at top of screen – someone likes it – someone does not…

In this post, i decided to write on iphone 12 PRO MAX specs, phone features, review and everything about this wonderful new smartphone of latest model.

  • 6.7-inch Pro Max display is largest screen ever installed on an iPhone. It has highest quality cameras of all iPhones. It has 5G, and most capacious battery. This is without a doubt biggest iPhone of all!

And while it’s expensive, it’s still not much more expensive than smaller iPhone 12 Pro. For that money, you get a bigger display, a bigger battery, & very different camera system. I’ll just get to point and say that it’s absolutely worth it compared to standard 12 Pro if you like larger phone sizes.

Apple’s newest smartphone – iPhone 12 Pro Max, is slightly larger than 11 Pro Max, but new design with flat sides makes it visually much larger than it is.

Apple iphone 12 PRO MAX specs, price and shipping date
Apple iphone 12 Pro MAX 256 GB phone is very thin

This phone is very thin, which looks cool! It’s also slightly heavier than other big phones like Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which makes it even more solid.

Combination of size and flat sides requires a case to make it easier to hold, but it makes smartphone even bigger.By the way, Apple has more phone sizes available this year than ever before, including miniaturized iPhone 12 mini.

Complete set of Apple Iphone 12 Pro Max:

Complete set of Iphone 12 Pro Max:
Complete set of Iphone 12 Pro Max:

Equipment of new iPhone is all standard, but there is no charging, no headphones (to buy separately)
So, what is included in package? Many people are very interested in what Apple put there so interesting for $ 1300 (512 GB)…..

Many will be disappointed, but there is NOTHING practical. Equipment is very poor((((. Kit includes:

  • Lightning/USB Type-C Cable;
  • Paper clip for removing SIM cards;
  • Documentation and a sticker with a “white apple”, EVERYTHING!
  • In corporation itself, such a poor set was explained by  fact that they protect environment. They write that last year they disposed of a whole mountain of technical garbage….

As if many people have headphones, but charging is not necessary at all) Like, many people also have it, and most of them charge it in car…

Apple iphone 12 PRO MAX specs, price and shipping date
Very beautiful smartphone!

So, all dates, complete and detailed all technical specifications of new iPhone 12 pro max specs:

  1. Presentation date in United States: October 13, 2020. Presented by Apple CEO Tim Cook himself;
    Starting price for iPhone 12 Pro Max is from $ 1100.
  2. SAR level (harmful radiation): This is specific absorption coefficient (from English. Specific Absorption Rate) of electromagnetic energy. That is, it is an indicator that determines energy of electromagnetic field absorbed in human tissues in one second). SAR for iPhone 12 Mini – 0.910 W/kg, for regular iPhone 12 – 0.483 W/kg, for iPhone 12 Pro Max – 0.436 W/kg. This is too much, but it does not exceed permissible norms. For example, these indicators are much lower for low-cost Samsung smartphones.
  3. So, most important thing in phone is of course a communication: 2G networks: GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, GSM 850. 3G networks: UMTS 900, UMTS 2100, UMTS 850, UMTS 1900. 4G Networks: LTE 1900 (B25), LTE 1700 (B4), LTE 800 (B20), LTE 700 (B17), LTE 850 (B5), LTE 700 (B13), LTE 1900 (B2), LTE 1800 (B3), LTE 900 (B8), LTE 2100 (B1), LTE 800 (B19), LTE 700 (B28), LTE 700 (B12), LTE 2600 (B7), LTE 800 (B18), LTE 800 (B26), 4G LTE-Advanced, 5G network, VoLTE, SIM cards: Nano-SIM (4FF, fourth form factor since 2012-12.3 x 8.8 x 0.67 mm) + eSIM, only 1 SIM card;
  4. Screen: 6.7 ” inches (largest of all iPhones), resolution 2778 × 1284 px, OLED matrix, 16.7 million colors, color depth 24 bits, there is a cutout on screen at top, no frame, 60 Hz, flicker level (PWM) – about 220-240 Hz. Screen protection – Ceramic Shield technology. Features: Multi touch, Scratch resistant, Capacitive, Haptic Touch, Oleophobic (lipophobic) coating. Wide color gamut, Wide Color display (P3), Dolby Vision, True Tone display, Super Retina XDR, HDR10+;
  5. Housing materials and dust and moisture protection: Glass and metal, oleophobic coating on top, IP68 protection;
  6. Operating system (OS): iOS 14 (already updated to 14.5, arrived on March 22) with support for Google services;
  7. Processor (CPU): 64-bit ARM Apple A14 Bionic, 6 cores (2 more powerful Firestorm cores with a frequency of 2.990 MHz and 4 Icestorm cores with a frequency of 1.800 MHz). Instruction set architecture: ARMv8-A, contract manufacturer TSMC. It has 11.8 billion transistors, process technology is 5 nm, Antutu v8 smartphone scores 628.320! A 14 Bionic includes a 16-core neuroprocessor Neural Engine, it is 10 times faster than A12 Bionic!, a video core-Apple GPU, 4 video cores (all on one crystal with a processor-SoC);
  8. RAM: 6 GB (LPDDR5, 2 channels, 2.750 MHz));
  9. Built-in memory: 128, 256 or 512 GB, media type-NVMe (much faster than UFS 3.1);
  10. Sensors: LiDAR scanner, gyroscope, light sensor, proximity sensor, Barometer, accelerometer;
  11. Main, rear camera: 3 CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) cameras of 12 MP each. Apertures 1.6, 2.4, and 2.2. 12x digital zoom, 2.5 x optical zoom. Ultra HD 4K video shooting – 3840 x 2160 (60 fps) and FullHD – 1920 x 1080 (60 fps, autofocus). Video shooting in Dolby Vision mode (this technology is not available even in professional cameras!). There is slow motion-1920 x 1080 (240 fps). Video formats-MOV, M4V, AVI, MP4;
  12. Front, selfie camera: 1 camera 12 MP, aperture 2.2, video recording 3840 × 2160 (60 fps), Face unlock (very necessary when everyone is wearing masks))), but THERE is NO fingerprint scanner!
  13. Sound: Stereo speakers, 3.5 mm mini Jack – no, audio formats – AAX, AAC, LPCM, AC3, EAC3, AAX+, MP3; Lightning 8 pin for headphones that are NOT included! As well as charging (for 140 thousand could be put).);
  14. Internet and Bluetooth: Bluetooth version 5.0, Wi-Fi 6 (6 (802.11 ax), 4 (802.11 n), 5 (802.11 ac), there is 5G.
  15. Contactless Payment: NFC Apple Pay;
  16. Navigation: Galileo, GLONASS, GPS, A-GPS, BeiDou;
  17. Features: QZSS, Super Retina XDR screen, iBeacon precise location detection function, Siri voice assistant;
  18. Battery: Li-ion, 3.687 mAh, NO charging included! MagSafe magnetic wireless charging is sold separately. Features: Wireless charging, Non removable, Fast charging, Wireless reverse charging, USB Power Delivery 3.0, Qi wireless charging.
  19. Dimensions: 6.33 x 3.07 x 0.29in; Weight 8.04 oz;

Aside from large size, main thing that sets iPhone 12 Pro Max apart from  rest of  iPhone 12 line is camera system, which is significantly different and more advanced than  cameras on smaller 12 and 12 Pro phones.

Apple iphone 12 PRO MAX phone features: 3 cameras are still not level with body and stick out a little-but 3 are the best cameras!!! Basics are the same as 12 Pro: three cameras, including a wide, ultra-wide, and TV camera, with a LiDAR sensor that allows you to take portrait photos on a wide camera in night mode.

Night shooting is now available at all three zoom levels, which is an improvement over iPhone 11.

Apple iphone 12 pro max smartphone-night mode
Apple iphone 12 pro max smartphone – night mode

Night mode of iPhone 12 pro max is probably most wonderful thing! Ultrawide camera is the same as on  12 and 12 Pro, and this is a noticeable improvement over ultrawide camera on 11 Pro (night shooting is just a fairy tale).

  • I think it’s useful and fun to have an ultra-wide camera, but it still takes medium-quality photos compared to main camera.

Telephoto lens on 12 Pro Max is also slightly different, with a longer field of view. By the way, it is worth noting that bulge of camera is 12 pro max more than 12 Pro!! (cameras are better, better quality, more aperture, and therefore size is larger, there is no escape from this).

  • Main wide camera and telephoto lens are very different on 12 Pro Max from 11 version of iPhone (of course for better).

Here you can see that 12 iPhone has more dynamic range than 11. Shirik has the same f/1.6 aperture as the 12 and 12 Pro, but it has a 47 percent larger physical sensor that can capture more light with less noise.

Wide camera also stabilizes differently than other iPhone 12 models, which have traditional lens-based optical image stabilization to reduce vibrations and hence blurring.

Google Pixel 5 comparison with iPhone 12 pro max
Google Pixel 5 comparison with iPhone 12 pro max

Google Pixel 5 still makes a little lighter at night, but lags behind in detail. New iPhone 12 PRO MAX features are certainly impressive, and it also uses sensor shift stabilization, which moves sensor itself to reduce vibrations. This makes image stabilization even more efficient.

Apple claims that move to sensor shift stabilization was more about making that sensor size meet its standards than overall performance.

Huawei P40 Pro VS Apple iphone 12 pro max 256 GB
Huawei P40 Pro VS Apple iphone 12 pro max

Huawei P40 Pro – photos at night may be lighter, but more natural photos still have an iPhone
This technology is more similar to internal stabilization that is used on Sony and Panasonic mirrorless cameras.

  • Larger sensor (matrix) also has an impressive maximum ISO, which is a measure of light sensitivity. iPhone 11 Pro has a top ISO of 3.072, regular iPhone 12 Pro has a top ISO of 5.808, and 12 Pro Max has a top ISO of 7.616! This means that you can shoot better in dark.

Images from iPhone 12 Pro Max tend to be less noisy than those from 12 Pro. Main camera is one of most reliable cameras for smartphones!

U know, in  light, this iPhone shoots in principle like other flagships, but when light gets dimmer, 12 Pro Max really starts to stand out!

But among most famous competitors – Pixel 5 and Samsung Note 20 Ultra – there is not much difference. But at the same time, iPhone is most expensive.

  • But, iPhone 12 Pro Max’s larger sensor with a higher maximum ISO means it doesn’t automatically go into night mode as often. And when new iPhone goes into night mode, it does so with shorter exposures than 12 Pro. In general, night mode itself was improved across entire iPhone 12 line: iPhone 11 took pictures in night mode, combining frames with a maximum exposure time of one second.

But iPhone 12 line – up can capture two – second stabilized frames, providing better shadows with less noise.

iphone 12 pro max colors
iphone 12 pro max colors

 iPhone 12 Pro Max Available in 4 colors: black (graphite), white (silver), gold and blue. And if phone detects that it is on a tripod, it will disable image stabilization and capture three-second frames, a maximum of 30-second shot in night mode consisting of ten three-second frames. iPhone 11 will take thirty frames per second.)

LiDAR sensor allows you to shoot portraits in night mode with a wide camera, which, combined with better overall performance in low light, means that portraits in night mode are better and more detailed on 12 Pro Max than on 12 Pro and Pixel 5. That’s impressive.

  • Overall, when it comes to low light, it doesn’t feel like a competition: iPhone 12 Pro Max has consistently taken better, more detailed, and less noisy photos than Pixel 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra!

Benefits of a larger sensor are less obvious in video-and indeed, they are only noticeable if you are watching on a larger screen, such as a TV. That’s whole article about iphone 12 PRO MAX phone features, i hope you liked it. Read also my post – Best iphone under 1000 Iphone 8 Plus – pros, review 2021.


Apple iphone 12 PRO MAX specs, price and shipping date

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