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Phones news 2021

Phones news
Phones news 2021

Good phones news: Apple may be working on a clamshell iPhone!

At least, so says the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The launch of such a smartphone is planned in 2 years. The media has long been talking about the fact that Apple plans to develop a folding smartphone.

  • Now there is new data on this issue, said Ming-Chi Kuo. In a conversation with investors, he said that Apple plans to produce an 8-inch foldable iPhone as early as 2023. So, at least, it follows from the documentation that the Engadget service saw.

Kuo predicts that the phone will get a flexible QHD + OLED display, which will be produced by Samsung Display. It is reported that Apple also uses nanotechnology from TPK, as it is, according to the analyst, better than Samsung’s Y-Octa.

Phones news 2021 –  Galaxy with Flip3 known for the look of Samsung’s foldable smartphone

Samsung Galaxy with Flip3
New phone Samsung Galaxy with Flip3

The Samsung Galaxy with Flip3 is due to hit the market soon along with the Galaxy Fold3. Now, from the latest leak in this topic, we’ll learn a little bit about what a Samsung rocket launcher smartphone will look like.

As you can see in the images, the Samsung Galaxy with Flip3 will be two-color. The upper part, which will house a dual camera and an external display, will be black, and the lower layer of the smartphone.

  • In various colors, including, for example, beige, gray, dark blue or pink. As you can see, the second display will be slightly larger, so we will see, for example, the entire notification or text message.

The novelty will be covered with Gorilla Glass Victus, and the hinge will also be reinforced. At the moment, unfortunately, we don’t know what this phone looks like inside, so there’s no new information about the specs.

It is known from previous leaks that it may have a 6.9-inch internal display, as well as a 3,300 mAh battery. This model should also cost a little more than the previous generation.

An antibacterial smartphone has been created

Antibacterial phone!!!
Antibacterial phone!!!

The Cat B40 and Cat S42 H+ are two new phones that use a special antibacterial coating. The new technology is based on a protective layer with silver ions, which allows you to effectively fight microbes.

  • CAT in the new phone models used an interesting solution that should provide protection against germs in the form of bacteria or other microbes. Research has shown that there are 10 times more germs on our smartphones compared to a toilet bowl.

The Cat B40 and Cat S42 H+ phones have special cases, each component of which is covered with a protective layer with Addmaster Biomaster silver ions.

This allows you to effectively fight germs in accordance with the ISO 22196 standard. Below is a video with a discussion of the solution.

Is the Xiaomi Mi 11 having problems with the motherboard?

Xiaomi Mi 11
Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11

Some users of Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphones complain about a specific problem. The flagship model of the Chinese manufacturer may have problems with the motherboard.

  • According to a report published by the ITHome service, the owners of Xiaomi Mi 11 were informed about problems with their smartphones. In the comments, users claim that this model is experiencing problems with the” fire ” of the motherboard.

Some people who experienced the problem described above reported that their smartphone was hot for a moment before the problem worsened. So it looks like the problem itself may be related to the smartphone’s heat dissipation system.

In addition to the problems with the motherboard, selected users also complained about the short battery life from a single charge and high power consumption when using a smartphone.

Well, this is all phones news 2021 todat. There is nothing left but to wait for Xiaomi to make a statement on this issue. It is very possible that there is actually something. Read also about Apple iphone 12 PRO MAX specs, price & shipping date.

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Phones news 2021

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