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Push button telephones are back on trend in 2021 year

5 reasons why push button telephones are again at the peak of popularity since 2014.

push button telephones
5 reasons why push button telephones are again

Smartphones have dramatically displaced push button telephones from the market. Rapid progress has forced society to totally switch to smartphones, because their functionality is much wider. Years passed.

  • People are fed up with thousands of apps, a constant pastime on social netsworks, and an irreconcilable race for performance, forcing them to change their device frequently.

Experts argued that by 2022, the market for push-button phones will finally die, but in 2021, on the contrary, it showed an increase of 5%.

Now people are increasingly buying push button telephones, there are 5 reasons for this:

  1. The appearance of more modern models;
  2. People are tired of spending time on the Internet 24/7;
  3. Frequent hacking of smartphones;
  4. High strength;
  5. Low price the appearance of more modern models. The well-known Philips, Nokia, Digma, BQ, Fly and others entered the empty market.

They presented new products with expanded memory, updated processor, increased battery capacity and additional functionality.

Consumers realized that the capabilities of a push-button phone would be enough to meet their needs, so they put aside smartphones.

People are tired of spending time on the internet 24/7.

Button telephone
Simple Button telephone

Smartphones are literally aimed at ensuring that users spend as much time on the Internet as possible: online applications, games, social networks, news, messengers – everything requires internet access and reminds you of yourself if you are not used for a long time.

  • Statistics say that people on average check their smartphone every 12 minutes and spend about 3 hours on the Internet every day.

Given the modern pace of life, many people are trying to give up time-consuming gadgets to do important things. TOP 10 best push-button phones of 2021 by price and characteristics.

Frequent hacking of smartphones.

Even antivirus programs and official app stores do not save Android and iOS users from infection. Attackers take advantage of the fact that now the whole life of a person is in a smartphone.

  • By hacking the device, you can quickly find out everything about the user: who calls, what he writes, where he rests, the password from the bank card, what he is afraid of, what plans for the near future.

Push button telephones also have viruses, but they are much smaller. Why? It is simply not profitable to create a ” spy ” or “worm”, since there are still quite a few push-button phones and they do not store important information, do not install banking applications and messengers.

High strength The simpler the design and fewer additional elements, the more reliable the device. In this regard, push-button phones are head and shoulders above their competitors.

  • They are not afraid of falling, bumps and they are easier to cope with extreme weather conditions. Why, the Nokia 3310 got the nickname “nutcracker” because it really could crack nuts.
  • A push-button phone is an ideal communication device that can be purchased with a minimum of money in your pocket. For many, the push-button phone is too archaic and is perceived as a relic of the past, but it has many advantages.

It is suitable for those who:

  • Do not want to spend a lot of money on a smartphone;
  • Prefer to talk rather than correspond;
  • Do not sit in social networks and do not scroll through the news feed;
  • Do not need extensive functionality;
  • Prefer reliability.

I want to add: sometimes big fans of smartphones become simply dangerous for others and themselves. Everyone has probably seen this picture many times: a person is walking down the street, crossing the road – he does not look where he is going, he looks at his SMARTPHONE!

They can stand in the aisle, in the doorway, he does not see what is happening around, what is disturbing other people, he looks at his SMARTPHONE! I’m not against smartphones, but some people have a real addiction.

And which devices do you prefer-smartphones or push-button phones? Read also about Best Windows phone smartphone 2021 HP X3 Elite – review.

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Push button telephones are back on trend in 2021 year

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