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RAZER BlackWidow V3 Pro review keyboard – mechanical wireless gaming keyboard

RAZER BlackWidow V3 Pro review keyboard
Cool RAZER BlackWidow V3 Pro review keyboard!

Hello my friends! In this post we’ll see the keyboard RAZER BlackWidow V3 Pro. Proif the Razer product has a Pro postscript, it means that with a high probability we are talking about wireless peripherals.

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard was no exception and received two wireless interfaces at once — its own HyperSpeed with a USB transmitter and Bluetooth. Let’s find out if you can play on the keyboard without wires.

Appearance & convenience

Mechanical keyboards consist of a large number of keys with minimal framing — there is nowhere for designers to roam.

keyboard RAZER BlackWidow V3 - Appearance & convenience
RAZER BlackWidow V3 – Appearance & convenience
  • However, the appearance of the BlackWidow V3 Pro turned out to be quite distinctive, thanks to the beveled front end with a glowing logo and multimedia buttons in the upper right corner.

The top panel is made of aluminum, painted in matte black, and the rest of the body is made of thick, hard plastic.
Gaming can be wireless: Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard overview appearance & convenience.

The keyboard turned out to be quite high, you can not do without a palm rest. Fortunately, the kit includes a small platform with an elastic filler, sheathed in leatherette.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard

  • The material is not breathable, so the palms may start to sweat and stick if you do not move your hands from time to time.

The stop does not cling to the keyboard, but is placed next to it, making it possible to place it at a convenient distance. The plastic pad itself is light, but does not slip on the table, thanks to six anti slip pads.

The Razer trademark remains unchanged — the case can be raised by 6 or 9 degrees with two-stage legs. In any case, to move the keyboard from its place, you need to make a lot of effort, since the weight of the structure exceeds 1 kilogram.

Keyboard RAZER BlackWidow V3: switches & performance

Keyboard RAZER BlackWidow V3: switches & performanceThe 104 key layout is tailored without any surprises for games and blind typing. It is based on Razer’s proprietary mechanical switches with a resource of 80 million clicks. In the Russian market, you can choose between green tactile switches or yellow linear switches.

  • I got tactile switches with green flags. The required force is 50 grams, and the trigger occurs at a distance of 1.9 millimeters immediately after the characteristic click.

For a quick re-press, it is not necessary to return the key to its original position, re-actuation is possible at a short distance without clicking. Full stroke — standard 4 millimeters.

The switches give good feedback and are fully adapted for gaming or typing. Since a ringing click can irritate others, I advise you to buy a keyboard with tactile switches for working in a separate room.

RAZER BlackWidow V3 Pro review - mechanical wireless gaming keyboard!

  • The stabilizers of the long keys in the form of metal rods are hidden behind the front panel. Under the cap, only the main switch in the center and a pair of auxiliary switches on the sides are visible.

The RGB illumination is individual for each key, but only Latin characters are lit, since the only LED is located at the top of the switch.

  • The Cyrillic alphabet and additional pictograms are applied with reflective paint and do not show through. This is a common drawback of most cherry like switches. However, Logitech & ASUS have solved the problem in their own developments, Razer is lagging behind.

The multimedia block was already found in the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog and migrated to the new product without changes. By default, three keys and a rotating wheel with a button control playback and the Windows system volume.

Connectivity & autonomy

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro - Connectivity & autonomyThe Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro has two wireless interfaces at once. The main HyperSpeed with its own USB receiver and the auxiliary Bluetooth with the ability to connect up to three devices.

  • Fast switching between Bluetooth devices is performed by holding Fn and numbers from 1 to 3. According to my observations, the quality of communication is comparable, the proprietary utility works in both cases, which means that the interfaces can be considered equivalent.

The miniature receiver is hidden in a compartment at the bottom of the case. The cover is fixed securely, but does not remain on the body in the open position, you have to be careful not to lose it.

The Razer Pro Type, which came out a little earlier than our heroine, has a much more convenient magnetic mount of the transmitter.

  • You can connect one mouse and one keyboard to a single HyperSpeed receiver to avoid taking up extra USB ports. The transmitter is changed at any time via Synapse. So far, in addition to our heroine, DeathAdder V2 Pro and Naga Pro mice are supported.

RAZER BlackWidow V3 Pro review - mechanical wireless gaming keyboard!

Battery life is highly dependent on the use and brightness of the backlight. In my case, RAZER BlackWidow V3 Pro serves 2 days, provided 8 hours of daily work at 30% brightness with the “Wave” effect. With the lights off, the company promises up to 200 hours of operation.

After the battery is discharged, you can continue working in wired mode. To do this, first of all, you need to move the toggle switch to the middle position, and then connect to USB-C. The kit includes the usual Razer 2 meter cable in a fabric braid with a reusable clamp.

Razer Synapse Utility

The main function of the application is to reassign any keys except Fn and Windows. The list of available actions is extensive, there are macros and dual-purpose via Hypershift.

  • The game mode is activated via the utility or automatically with the launch of the games. In addition to “Windows”, the combinations Alt + Tab and Alt + F4 can be disabled.

All settings are saved in the profiles, the keyboard memory is designed for four. Profiles can be assigned to launch applications. Macros are also stored in the keyboard memory.

RAZER BlackWidow V3 Pro review - mechanical wireless gaming keyboard!

On the second tab, the backlight is adjusted. There is a full set of effects, as well as a designer of individual chroma Studio modes for fine tuning each LED and synchronization with other Razer peripherals.

  • To save power, you can set the time after which the brightness of the backlight will decrease by about half. As well as the time out of the transition to energy saving with the complete shutdown of the LEDs.

When working through HyperSpeed, the sleep output is instantaneous, the first key pressed is transmitted to the computer.

Via Bluetooth, the first press brings the keyboard out of sleep, followed by reconnection in three seconds. Razer software adequately consumes system resources, 7 background processes occupy no more than 200 MB of

Keyboard RAZER BlackWidow V3 Pro – price $ 229 (Amazon)

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard: RAM and minimally affect the CPU

The pioneers of the rejection of wires in gaming peripherals can be considered Razer, the company has both mice and headsets, and now it’s time for keyboards.

  • In the example of the Razer BlackWidow V3, the transition can be considered successful, the wireless interfaces work as well as the wire.

The weak point is only the autonomy, with the backlight turned on, the keyboard is able to work for more than 2 days. Fortunately, Razer took care of the USB-C connector on the case.

In other respects, the novelty fully corresponds to the high level of Razer peripherals: high quality switches, a full-fledged layout and a palm rest give comfort during the game and printing.

  • There is only one serious flaw — the lack of Cyrillic highlighting and minor characters, the company has not yet coped with this problem.

Whether a wireless gaming keyboard with switches for an impressive 80 million clicks is worth 21 thousand rubles is a question that only the buyer can answer.


  1. Equally good performance via USB transmitter and via Bluetooth;
  2. Possibility of wired connection via USB-C;
  3. Razer tactile mechanical switches;
  4. Full layout of 104 keys;
  5. Additional multimedia buttons;
  6. 2 stage height adjustment;
  7. Comfortable palm rest.


  1. Secondary pictograms and Cyrillic letters are not visible;
  2. Low battery life;
  3. High price.

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RAZER BlackWidow V3 Pro review – mechanical wireless gaming keyboard!

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