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Razer Project Hazel – cost and release date of newest gadget, review

Razer Project Hazel
Razer Project Hazel

Now, you will learn about such a new product in 2021 as a smart mask from Razer Project Hazel smart mask & Razer unveils Anzu Smart Glasses! Covid-19 had an impact not only on the format of the event, but also on the number of announced devices.

Which became significantly less, & on their functionality – among the numerous televisions, robots & new household appliances, “smart” masks and other various devices appeared, primarily related to the new working and leisure conditions of potential users.

Razer Project Hazel - cost and release date of newest gadget

  • Fortunately, “covid” could not affect the innovation and originality inherent in some new products of CES, and therefore this year at the exhibition there were many unusual and even strange gadgets, a dozen of which we have collected for you in this selection.

The American manufacturer of devices for gamers, Razer intends to release a commercial version of the high-tech respirator.

We are talking about the concept of a mask presented in january of this year, which provides protection according to the N95 standard (protects against 95% of the particles contained in the air).

Razer Project Hazel Smart Mask

Razer Project Hazel Smart MaskI propose to start, of course, with the already familiar means of personal protection with a mask, but not a simple one, but a “smart” one, which was presented by the well known manufacturer of gaming peripherals, Razer.

  • The mask was named Project Hazel. It is certified according to the N95 standard of respirators, which are recommended for wearing in places where people are infected with coronavirus. The mask is transparent and allows the interlocutors to see each other’s emotions.

The” smart ” mask is made by: a built-in microphone & speaker that outputs and amplifies the user’s voice for the convenience of the interlocutor.

The RGB illumination inherent in almost all Razer devices, which automatically turns on when there is insufficient light; hermetic seals of adjustable ear loops, as well as a built-in active cooling system that does not allow condensation to form.

Project Razer Project Hazel will come with replaceable filters and a wireless charging device that will also act as a sanitizer. The date of receipt of Project Hazel on sale, as well as its retail price, is still unknown, since at the moment the device is only a prototype.

  • Recall, the device called Project Hazel looks like a regular reusable respirator and can be tightly worn on the face. It is made of transparent plastic, which allows you to see the movements of the lips and other facial expressions of the owner.

Razer Project Hazel - cost and release date of newest gadget

The body of the respirator is protected from water and resistant to scratches. The respirator is equipped with two fans with filters that provide air circulation and cleaning.

  • Also, the respirator is equipped with microphones and sound amplifiers that prevent distortion of the owner’s voice when talking.

Finally, the respirator is equipped with an LED light that turns on automatically in low-light conditions, allowing others to see the lower part of the person’s face in the respirator.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Razer CEO Ming Liang Tan noted that Project Hazel was initially considered as a concept, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the company intends to bring the respirator to the market.

  • At the same time, he did not name the timing of the device’s release to the market and its approximate cost. As The Verge notes,  Razer Project Hazel will be able to release the respirator only after it receives the necessary permits and certificates from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The United States or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) of the United States.

Razer Project Hazel - cost and release date of newest gadget

Note that this is not the first such device. Last year, the South Korean company LG introduced a portable air purifier made in the form of a face mask.

  • The device, called the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, is equipped with two fans that are powered by a built-in battery and two removable air filters.

The company noted that the built-in sensors regulate the operation of the fans, adjusting the speed of their rotation to the inhalation and exhalation.

The battery capacity of the mask is 820 mAh, which provides up to eight hours of offline operation. The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier is sold in a number of countries.


  1. Comfortable;
  2. Transparent (you can see the facial expressions and smile);
  3. RGB backlight;
  4. Not bulky;
  5. Beautiful and youthful.


  1. The price and date of sale are still unknown…

Razer unveils Anzu Smart Glasses

Anzu Smart Glasses
Anzu Smart Glasses

Razer, which produces various devices for gamers, has officially introduced the first smart glasses in the company’s history. The device, called the Anzu, is available on the company’s website and in stores in North America for $ 200.

According to The Verge, Anzu glasses are available in two design options (with round and polygonal lenses) and in two sizes.

Razer Project Hazel - cost and release date of newest gadget

  • The package also includes two pairs of lenses: regular (with a blue light filter) and sunglasses. The functionality of the Anzu glasses allows you to use them instead of wireless headphones. The device connects to a smartphone or other audio source via Bluetooth.

On both arms of the glasses, there are touch pads for switching tracks, accepting or rejecting voice calls, and activating the voice assistant.

The battery life on a single charge is approximately five hours, and in standby mode, the glasses can last up to two weeks. Read also – Gadget news 2021.

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Razer Project Hazel – cost and release date of newest gadget

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