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Samsung Galaxy A02 – release date, review, specs & price

Samsung Galaxy A02 - release date
Phone Samsung Galaxy A02 2021

Samsung Galaxy A02 smartphone is a high performance and vivid experience on a large 6.5 inch screen. This phone is made in a frameless version with black color of the edges and the back panel, & its dimensions are 6,46 × 2,99 × 0,36 inches.

  • The smartphone is based on a powerful 4 core MediaTek MT6739 CPU with an operating frequency of 1.5 GHz. And even more speed is given to the smartphone by 3 GB of RAM and the Power-VR GE 8100 video chip.

Thanks to the wide Samsung Galaxy A02 PLS screen with a resolution of 1600×720 pixels at their high density of 270 ppi, you can enjoy full fledged viewing of videos or photos.

SAMSUNG Galaxy A02 red smartphone
SAMSUNG Galaxy A02 red smartphone


As well as create them yourself thanks to a special dual system of rear video cameras in the 13+2 MP format, which allows you to take pictures with a resolution of up to 4096 x 3072 pixels.

  • Also, & shoot videos in Full HD format with a frequency of up to 30 cad/sec. You will already have 64 GB of internal memory at your disposal to create a personal library of files and applications.
Samsung Galaxy A02 - release date - january 2021
Telephone Samsung Galaxy A02 – review

Immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities with the SAMSUNG Galaxy A02 black smartphone. The presented model weighs only 0.45 pounds.

This device supports 2 SIM cards of the nano SIM format and a microSD memory card with a capacity of up to 1 TB.  The operating time of the presented model when listening to music is 79 hours, in talk mode-24 hours, when playing video – 16 hours.

  • The quad core CPU is responsible for the performance of the smartphone, it allows you to work with resource intensive applications.

The dual camera with LED flash allows you to take high quality photos even in poor light conditions. An mp3 player is provided to play your favorite tracks. The presented telephone has a micro-USB connector.

Samsung Galaxy A02 – release date – january 2021

Samsung Galaxy A02 – price $ 132 (Amazon)

Samsung Galaxy A02 - release date, review, specs & priceThis phone is a very budget option, its price at the moment was $ 132 for the promotion. As for a smartphone, and even Samsung, I think it’s very cheap.

I think it’s no secret that Samsung has very much revised its views on the pricing of phones, and began to work on reducing the cost of phones.

  • And this was achieved by reducing the cost of components. And at the moment, Samsung smartphones have made a very serious competition with Xiaomi.

Samsung Galaxy A02 - release date, review, specs & priceThe consultants in the stores all say with one voice, why do you need a Chinese, take Samsung, and it’s much better. And most importantly, the Samsung matrix.

I chose this phone in the cheap segment specifically. In this price segment, the camera is absolutely important to me, and all other functions are preserved. Except that there is no screen unlock function via fingerprint and NFC function.

This smartphone has a 6.5 inch screen & a 5,000 – m/amp battery

Samsung Galaxy A02 - release date, review, specs & priceThe kit includes the telephone itself on two memory cards. A huge advantage is the presence of an additional memory card, which Xeomi certainly does not have.

  • There is also a charger and this is probably all. There’s nothing else, not even a silicone case. But this is not so fundamental.

And another important fact is the color scheme. This phone is only available in black and blue.The screen is very bright, the phone is colorful.

The phone is unlocked either through the interface or through the graphic key. The new phone phone keeps a battery well. Enough battery power for a couple of days for sure

Samsung Galaxy A02 specs:

  1. Operating system: Android 10;
  2. Screen – 6.5 inches, 720×1600 pixels, TFT-PLS;
  3. CPU: Media-Tek MT-6739;
  4. RAM memory: 3 GB;
  5. Internal memory: 64 GB;
  6. Cameras: main cam. 13 MP (f/1.9), macro cam. 2 MP (f/2.4), front 5 MP (f/2.0);
  7. Communications: Bluetooth – 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g / n 2.4 GHz, microUSB, 3.5 mm, GPS and GLONASS;
  8. Micro SD slot;
  9. Battery: 5000 mAh, 7.75 watt charging;
  10. Dimensions: 6,46 × 2,99 × 0,36 inches;
  11. Weight: 0.45 pounds.

Samsung Galaxy A02 - release date, review, specs & price

General impressions, pros:

  1. The screen is not Amoled, but the graphics are very good. Bright color, the phone supports day/night adaptation mode.
  2. When you turn on this mode, the phone brightness automatically reduces the brightness if it is evening and increases the brightness accordingly if it is day.
  3. The screen is large and comfortable – reading books is a pleasure. Senser – works perfectly, the reaction and response is good, there are no freezes.
  4. This is a huge advantage, which is also pleasing that the fingerprint unlock is installed on the front panel of the phone, not on the back side, as with many budget Samsung lines.
  5. The phone has 64 GB of internal memory, but the good news is that it has a slot for additional memory, which supports up to 1 terabyte of memory.
  6. The slot is shared for 2 SIM cards and 1 memory card.
  7. Mobile Internet is flying on 4G.

Samsung Galaxy A02 - release date, review, specs & price

The phone does not heat up when actively using the Internet and listening to music at the same time.
For a budget line, the parameters are very good!


  • I read that he has problems with connecting wi-fi on 5 gg, but I connect it without problems. The cons that would upset you are not found and it pleases.


The front camera is 12 Mp, the main camera is 32 Mp. Photos are good, there are different modes for photographing.
Android on phone 10, supports many apps.

I have not tried to play it, but I think it will support light games well, but I do not think that they will fly more powerful ones. But once again, the phone for such money with such a characteristic is simply a masterpiece!

  • In the box to the phone there was a usb-wire with an adapter for charging the phone through a regular outlet, a passport and everything.

There were no headphones, this is a new trend – you need to buy headphones separately from the phone, here the manufacturers apparently want to earn more.

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Samsung Galaxy A02 – release date, review, specs & price

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