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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G specs and price of new phone 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
New phone 2021 – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung has unveiled three new flagships, but the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has scooped up the most tech. Only foldable smartphones are cooler (and more expensive). Although at first it seemed: an easy update, nothing new.

  • In fact – a competent work on errors, a jump in the camera and a record breaking display. But there are also misses. We checked everything and found out: is it worth such crazy money?

Galaxy Note20 Ultra breathes new life into Samsung smartphone design. Think of the Galaxy S20 Ultra: powder with a bulging camera block, nondescript gray color, small “eyes” of the cameras.

People around you would not distinguish your 100K flagship from the budget Galaxy A51. Whether the new “ultra”: five huge, daring lenses and frosted glass.

It does not get dirty, does not slip in the hand – the ideal solution, to which the Galaxy S line has finally matured. The killer suite is now visible from a mile away.

The Black Phantom  Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is the best thing that has ever happened to black in a smartphone. Looks and feels expensive, noble.

  • The Galaxy S21 Ultra is not as angular as the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, but the body is narrower. And it feels great in the hand. Even with a 6.8 inch screen diagonal, the smartphone is more comfortable, more pleasant than the sharp iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G specs and price 2021

After a smooth “ultra”, these two seem to be torture aggregates. The display is slightly “numb” on the verge, after all, the flat matrix of the Galaxy S21 is more convenient, but here it is within reason – not annoying.

Irritating to the earpiece. Trifle? Try to talk for a long time on the phone, which must be held at 45 degrees to the ear. Apply it to your cheek – you will barely hear the interlocutor.

New phone of 2021 – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G tech specs, price and size – review

The second little thing is that the weight is shifted towards the heavy chamber. If you do not hold the smartphone firmly, it bites with its “nose” down. But they cured the Galaxy S20 Ultra disease, which rumbled on the table from vibration, scaring everyone around.

  • At the same time, we increased the area of  the fingerprint scanner (by 77%) and accelerated recognition (by 50%). I have complained about the sensors in both the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20, but there has been tangible progress.

You don’t even need to turn on the display: press your finger approximately in the area of  the scanner, and the smartphone will unlock. Unlocking on the face – in extreme cases, too capricious to the lighting.

Stereo speakers, moisture protection (IP68) are familiar things, without which we can no longer imagine the flagships of Samsung.

  • The quality of the speakers with the Mate 40 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro: the first is only slightly quieter, the second grinds the music into mush at maximum volume. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the winner.

Samsung did not give up the idea with 108 megapixel sensors, although it abandoned them in the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. In the new flagship, they promised to work on quality.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G specs and price 2021

But that’s not the point. The main thing is that now we have double zoom and laser autofocus. Focus is instant, which was lacking in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The phone has got its own Dual Pixel focusing system. That is, now you can “cling” to close objects, shoot macro – flowers, garlands.

  • The camera itself understands when it is brought too close, and switches to “ultra-wide”. This is a great solution to the problem of blurring, which is the main problem with the main 108 megapixel sensor.

We wrote about the new shooting modes in the first review. I will note the main thing. Now, by default, in Pro mode, photos will be saved in 12 bit format for further processing.

And now you can shoot 4K video at 60 fps on all modules, even zoom and ultra-wide. In the process, you can only switch between the main and front cameras. Stabilization, as always, is at a height, the quality is high in good lighting, but at night the picture is “noisy”, dazzling.

Camera: megapixels & zoom

  • The 100x Space Zoom is still a marketing thing, but not as fake as in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Let me remind you that there was a maximum of 4x optical zoom, everything else was “thought out” by the AI, paired with digital zoom.

The picture was already falling at 20x. We now have 3x zoom for close-ups and 10x for ranged combat. Digital zoom up to 30x, even 50x allows you to see individual letters on the pointers.

Aperture of “telephoto” is only f / 4.9, the module is sensitive to light. Also striking is the “watercolor” in the photo: algorithms try to suppress noise, think out pixels – sometimes it turns out unnatural. If you do not enlarge the finished picture, then you will not notice.

  • Zoom Lock saves you from shaking hands: you hold the smartphone motionless for two seconds, and the camera “sticks” to the object you pointed at. Small twitches do not shift the picture, the more likely it is to get a sharp photo. Even at 50-100x zoom. A very useful option, used it often.

13Questions about 108 megapixels still remain. Yes, full-resolution is perfect for poster printing, and only a couple of fabulously expensive Samsung TVs are suitable for 8K video so far.


But the disadvantages are here, they can be seen on the smartphone screen. For example, “soap” at the edges of the frame, noise in the dark. Not critical, but there is much to strive for. I can’t say anything bad about the front-facing 40 megapixel camera.

Can shoot 4K 60 fps, night photos, blurred portraits, HDR. A complete set, no one will leave offended. The angle of capture of the optics is quite large, the whole group of friends will fit. The quality pleases, this is one of the best front-facing cameras among smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G specs and price 2021

  • Last year, Samsung’s flagships received the Exynos 990 processor. At first, everything went well, but then bloggers and users who demanding games fell through.

The questions were asked: why is the battery draining so quickly? Why not more than 30 fps in PUBG? An average user may not have noticed the difference, but the hate tsunami has already covered the Koreans. Now the hope is for the Exynos 2100 – Samsung’s first 5nm chipset.

In games Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G – maximum graphics settings and stable FPS, system animations are smooth. You can play for two hours, during this time the case warmed up slightly, I did not find any FPS drawdowns. PUBG does not yet allow you to choose ultra-settings, but at maximum it behaves normally. There is heating, but not critical.

Samsung did not regret memory: the choice of the version with 12/128, 12/256 and 16/512 GB of memory. Naturally, a new type of LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1.

  • It’s worth starting with at least 256 GB: the Koreans have removed the microSD slot from the tray. This has pissed off old Samsung fans so much that many are refusing to update their smartphones.

People are used to storing a backup of photos or music on the card, this is critical for them. If you switched to cloud services, or sometimes upload files to a PC, then you will not notice the loss and can save from $65.000 to $197.000!

Wi-Fi: 5G – very fast internet!

You can also admire support for ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6E, 5G networks and Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology to find your gadgets. Samsung SmartTag wireless tags work via Bluetooth, the smartphone supports the latest version of Bluetooth 5.2. Two slots for SIM-cards and eSIM are still there.

  • It also became known that MST does not work on all Galaxy S21. Even in Russia. This is a technology for paying with a smartphone in terminals that do not support contactless cards. Thanks to MST, Samsung smartphones (and only) could emulate magnetic tape.

Personally, I have not seen such terminals in Moscow for a long time, all support NFC. But judging by the comments, there is demand. Keep in mind too.

All Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G smartphones run Android 11 with One UI 3.1. Differences from One UI 3.0 are not critical, the system looks nice and works smartly. I will only note that now you can turn off the Samsung Free sidebar or change it to the Google news feed. Many have been waiting for this.

The Galaxy S21 has Quad HD, which now runs at 10-120 Hz (for the first time) and 1500 nits brightness. All in all, the display is amazing. Flicker at low brightness, here it reaches 120% – a lot. And the DC Dimming option, as on Xiaomi smartphones, is not.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G specs and price 2021

  • Subjectively, hiding such beauty in a bulky case is a crime. But buyers will be found, although most S Pen fans will be waiting for the next Galaxy Note.

Samsung has removed charging adapters from its Galaxy S21 kits. Why, and how to live with it, we discussed in the first review. It remains to either put up or leave, slamming the door.

But new details surfaced. For example, the top-end Galaxy S21 Ultra supports a maximum charging power of only 25W, while the Galaxy S20 Ultra pulled 45W, and competitors generally switched to 55-66W. Wireless charging is also lagging behind: 15 W (already 50 W in Huawei Mate 40 Pro), reversible – 7.5 W.

  • Charging from 0 to 100% with a 25W and 45W adapter takes the same time – 60 minutes. Fast. The difference in speed is the first half hour. You can save money. Plus, Samsung has cut the price of the adapter by almost half – to $20,93.

And relatively low power should extend the battery life. However, recent studies have shown no effect of power on battery fatigue. In general, again the situation is not great, not terrible.

The battery capacity has not changed (5000 mAh), but the battery life has increased compared to the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The charge is enough for a day, or 4.5–5 hours of an active screen at 120 Hz and 5.5–6 hours at 60 Hz.

For last year’s “Ultra” it was an unattainable record. Has the Exynos 2100 performed a miracle? First, let’s wait for the reviews of our American colleagues, they have smartphones with Snapdragon 888 on the test, the situation there could be even better.

Galaxy S20 Ultra or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G?

At the same time, the choice between the Galaxy S20 Ultra and S21 Ultra is obvious: the new flagship is better in everything. Improved night shooting, two full-fledged zooms appeared, fast focusing and 4K 60 fps shooting – an impressive update.

The new Exynos has already shown excellent autonomy, with updates should remove throttling. The display is unmatched. Design – with character, recognizable. As it should be for a flagship for 110 thousand.

  • If you are not obsessed with memory cards, then switching from previous models (Galaxy S9, S10) is also worth it. If card support is critical, you don’t want to overpay, and a pen would be useful, take a look at the Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

Perhaps the most successful Samsung flagship in 2020, and immediately with 256 GB of memory. However, only in Galaxy S21 Ultra you will find the latest technologies, the smartphone will be “on horseback” for many years to come. Read also my post by theme – the most expensive phone in the world 2021!


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G specs and price 2021