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Samsung NEO QLED qn90a review new TV in 2021

Samsung NEO QLED qn90a review
Samsung NEO QLED qn90a

Hello my dear friends! In this post, i will talk about new modern TVs & new technologies. So, new TV Samsung NEO QLED QN90A is 4K Neo QLED 2021 years technologies.

  • Television is very good in every way. Of course, a price of a new TV starts at $ 3,500 for a small diagonal. When we talk about large sizes, it means talking about high prices!

This telly is a set consisting of latest technology, user friendly features & beautiful design elements. I would even single out a television as most prestigious & fashionable TV of 2021. I’m even sure that it will remain so in 2022 year.

Well. this telly has a very good contrast, there is an HDR function. It is worth paying attention to transmission of black: it is really black, damn it!

  • Not gray, but pure black! Colors are rich and bright, I personally liked how this beautiful specimen looks! I highly recommend buying it!

Television – is very high quality, nothing clearance anywhere, don’t creak & don’t hang. A very very successful model! In short, everything is done wisely on this TV, it’s really great, & feel free to spend money you’ll be asked to buy (over $ 3,000).

For some, price of this telly model seems too high, but i don’t think so. Do you really think that new technologies & high quality will be cheap?

Samsung NEO QLED QN90A is cheaper than the TV of the famous LG corporation, the G1 OLED model

Television Samsung NEO QLED QN90 2021
Television Samsung NEO QLED QN90 2021

But no matter what you say, the purchase is still not cheapest. I can’t say that price of this TV model will remain same next year. Perhaps price will fall, & some people will still have to wait to save money earned by honest work.

Samsung TV line, NEO QLED in 2021, is commercially available in four sizes:

  1. 55 inches, QN55QN90A model;
  2. 65 inches, QN65QN90A model;
  3. 75 inches, QN75QN90A model;
  4. 85 inches, QN85QN90A Model.

Samsung NEO QLED QN90A is Samsung’s flagship 4K TV for 2021. The name” Neo QLED ” means a new technology combined with a special quantum LED system.

Main features of Samsung NEO QLED QN90A 2021 

  1. Resolution: 4k-3840 x 2160;
  2.  The Matrix: Neo QLED, Quantum Dot + Micro-LED;
  3. Dynamic brightness: maximum UHD dimming, micro dimming;
  4. There is an HDR function: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG;
  5. Unfortunately, there is no Dolby Atmos;
  6. There is support for eARC function;
  7. Display refresh rate: 120 Hz;
  8. Platform-Tizen Smart TV;
  9. Color space: DCI-P3 / 10-bit Chroma resolution
  10. CPU -Neo Quantum 4K Processor;
  11. Support VRR function-Yes;
  12. ALLM-Yes automatic low-latency mode;
  13. Samsung Health (shows status, it’s “health”, Ultra Wide Game View (Ultra Wide Game Mode), Game panel, multiple view, touch view, Samsung TV Plus, universal view & other cool functions.
  14. NEO QLED TVs showcase the company’s most advanced technologies and features by 2021. In terms of factors such as processing speed, improved traffic, or an additional gaming experience, only extremely expensive 8K
  15. Neo QLED TVs can support Samsung NEO QLED QN90A series.


So I’ll write about the image quality here

  • * Brightness: 0.059 / 1041 nits;
  • * Contrast: 0.011-308.1 nits;
  • * Maximum brightness of HDR P-1508 nits;
  • * DCI-P3: color gamut 96.8% ;
  • * SPZ: 99,3%.

TV interface: Ports

There are 4 HDMI 2 inputs, which provide the new TV with enough space to connect other devices. However, remember that there are no AV inputs. But it’s not annoying, because the AV is a bit outdated.

TV Samsung QN90A is a set of high-quality TV models, so it is equipped with all the features to create a full fledged home theater.

Thus, the entire QN90A series has the following ports:

  • 4 x HDMI 2.1 (compatible with eARC / CEC);
    2 x USB 2.0;
  • Ethernet (LAN);
  • RF input (for cable TV);
  • Digital (optical) audio output.

For non-HDR content, the new TV’s brightness averages around 300 nits, which is enough considering the black value is around 0.01 nits-which is great!

This stable contrast display is definitely the result of Samsung NEO QLED QN90A mini LED backlight.

  • The image gets even better when you look in HDR, which is very good. when most of the screen is dark, the dimming of LED sometimes drops to 0.002 nits, which is practically OLED!

If most of screen is very bright in HDR, you can get a black value of up to 0.1 nits. It can be distracting on a darker screen, but with a brightness of more than 1000 nits, it’s much less noticeable, believe me now!

These fluctuations in brightness and shadow quality from scene to scene are obscured by QN90A Algo backlight. Read also How to choose a smart TV BOX 4K  Android TV BOX or Apple.


Samsung NEO QLED qn90a review 2021

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