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 The most expensive phone in the world 2021 – Apple Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6

The most expensive phone in the world 2021
Most expensive smartphone in the world 2021

From 2014 to this year, the undisputed leader of the luxury segment and the most expensive phone in the world 2021 is the Apple Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6.

  • Price of this device – is $ 95.5 million!!! The design of the exclusive model was developed by the world-famous Falcon brand, which is releasing iPhone gadgets in a new image.

The main features of the device are the gold case and the huge pink diamond embedded in the back cover. It is worth noting that by now there are several variations of the device: with a case made of yellow or pink 18 carat gold and from 950 platinum.

You can buy cheaper devices with other stones: green, red, black, orange, transparent or blue. In addition to the smartphone, Falcon has released gold and platinum earbuds worth $ 300,000.

Design of the most expensive phone in the world 2021 Apple Falcon SuperNova

High-end phone review In addition to the incredible design, this model has excellent performance. The phone comes in two sizes: 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

  • All the main parameters are the same as those of a regular iPhone 6: the internal memory is 128 GB; RAM – 16 GB; there is no support for microSD memory cards; operating system iOS 8.0; cameras 8 Mp.

The device can be ordered from anywhere in the world. At the same time, the buyer will receive a pleasant bonus in the form of a round-the-clock concierge service and free delivery through the American company FedEx.

The warranty period of the device is 5 years. Unique pebble The cost of this device is 95.5 million dollars The main feature of the Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 is a pink pebble located on the back of the device. Actually. It is difficult to call a diamond of such carat a “stone”. This is really the most expensive phone in the world in 2021!

  • Its cost is estimated at tens of millions of dollars. This price is due to the fact that a pink diamond is extremely rare. You can’t just pick it up and buy it in a jewelry store or at an auction. The appearance of the pink stone always becomes a worldwde sensation.

The most expensive phone in the world 2021 - Apple Falcon SuperNova

Nterestingly, in the past, colored diamonds were considered substandard and sold cheaper than colorless ones. However, over time, it turned out that their composition is no different from ordinary diamonds, only they are found in nature much less often.

For example, a pink stone accounts for only 1% of the total volume of diamonds. And the extraction of these jewelry is carried out in only three countries – Australia, India and Brazil.

  • Sometimes stones of this shade are found in Yakutia, however, when cut, they become transparent. And the most valuable samples are mined on the Green Continent, at the Argyle deposit.

They are processed in the same place – in Perth. It should be noted that the colored pigment is present only in some areas of the mineral.

The rest of the crystals are colorless, and the illusion of complete coloring is explained only by the fact that the numerous facets of the diamond refract light rays. Different colors of stones appear due to impurities such as lithium, iron, boron and others.

  • The effect of radiation and the replacement of carbon atoms with nitrogen particles also play a role. But the pink diamond has no impurities and differences in structure, so the mystery of the appearance of such an unusual color has not yet been solved.

All these factors explain the high price of the the most expensive phone in the world – Apple Falcon SuperNova iPhone with a pink stone. As mentioned earlier, models with other diamonds are cheaper, as these diamonds are more common in nature.

In total, Falcon has developed 21 models of exclusive smartphones, the price of which depends on the type of gem and its carat, the type of metal.

  • Prices start at $ 1.65 million. For example, the version with a blue diamond will cost the buyer only 48 and a half million $. The price of a diamond the cost of the most expensive phone in the world is almost 100 million dollars!!!

And for platinum and gold headphones they will ask for almost $ 288.241. The main competitors of the touch king In addition to the Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6, there are a couple of dozen luxury smartphones in the world.

The most expensive phone in the world 2021 - Apple Falcon SuperNova

Among them deserve special attention: iPhone 5 Diamond Black worth $ 15,300,000. The design of this gadget was developed by Liverpool jeweler Stuart Hughes, commissioned by an unknown Chinese businessman. The body of the device is made of 24-carat yellow gold, and the decoration consists of 600 small stones.

  • The famous Apple logo is also made of 53 small stones. In addition to its beautiful appearance, this phone has a fairly durable screen, protected by an impenetrable sapphire crystal. And on the central button is a rare 26-carat black diamond. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose.

Pink Apple iPhone – $ 8,000,000!

Another creation by Stuart Hughes is the $ 8,000,000 pink iPhone. In terms of characteristics, the device practically does not differ from its usual counterpart. But on the outside, it is adorned with 500 precious stones, the total complexity of which is 100 carats.

  • 53 diamonds are laid out in the form of the Apple logo, and a 7.4 carat pink diamond flaunts on the central button. Unlike its “cheap” counterparts, the phone is still being updated and serviced by Apple.

The most expensive phone in the world Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G. In 2009, a diamond iPhone was released in the world, the cost of which was $ 3,200,000. The device is crafted from solid 22K gold and 136 diamonds that adorn the bezel around the screen.

  • Instead of a single button, there is a huge gem in the center. The phone was sold in a 7-kilogram granite package, trimmed with fine-grain leather.

All of these smartphones were released in limited quantities, and their customers chose to remain anonymous. But the only owner of Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 is Indian business woman Nita Ambani.

Now, in the modern world, a huge number of various smartphones of both budget and elite class are available to a person.

  • However, the price of the most expensive phone in the world 2021 is so high that they become the dream of not only an ordinary person, but also a billionaire.

Well, the leading position among luxury devices is occupied by the Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6, which costs almost $ 100 million. Read also about Apple iphone 12 PRO MAX.


The most expensive phone in the world 2021 – Apple Falcon SuperNova

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