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Using Windows XP in 2021 – pros and cons SP3, date released

Using Windows XP in 2021
Windows XP – Date released: October 25, 2001

Wow, after 20 years it is still working and people are using Windows XP in 2021! Pros and cons of Windows XP review – you will read it all in this article. For more than 20 years ikspiha has been working and supporting many programs.

  • So, today in this post I want to tell you about a very successful, the oldest modern OS system, namely the legendary Windows XP)).

It is the only oldest OS that still supports modern programs, applications and games. And even now, Windows XP in 2021 is quite relevant, because it works!

  • The fact is that there are still narrowly specialized programs for Windows xp 32 bit that run only on xp and only 32 bits! Although 64 bits are also available.

There are, of course, both Windows 2000 and Windows 98, they are even faster than Windows XP but do not support modern programs and applications.

  • Windows XP operating system – was released on the market on October 25, 2001. The letters “XP” are from the English. lang. experience – “impressions”, “experience”. By the way, the core of the system was written even earlier – in 1999!

Using Windows XP in 2021 SP3 – system requirements (minimum and recommended)

Windows Windows XP is one of the most successful operating systems in the history of Microsoft! Users remember it as a stable system, a “workhorse” for homes and offices. Many users still have old computers and laptops at home. They have very little RAM, weak processors.

And undoubtedly, an easy Windows xp operating system for weak PCs will be a simple recovery. Since no other “axis” will simply be established.

Windows XP in 2021
Using Windows XP in 2021 SP3

So, the main pros of using Windows XP in 2021:

  1. High speed of work on old PCs;
  2. Low consumption of RAM;
  3. Supports modern software, programs, browsers (not all, but many);
  4. Stable work on different computers;
  5. Quick installation on a PC;
  6. There are many drivers for different machines;
  7. High compatibility with applications, games;
  8. Convenient to work and configure a local network;
  9. Conveniently connect and configure a Wi-Fi network;
  10. Ease of setting up the system, everything is clear;
  11. Lots of reference information, brochures and articles on the Internet;
  12. There is a multiplayer mode;
  13. Convenient and simple interface;
  14. Reliable file system;
  15. Reliable protection (good core);
  16. The OS is very popular among users, everyone is familiar with it;
  17. Many useful functions and much more);

Cons of Windows XP:

  1. Outdated operating system
  2. Not supported by many modern laptops and netbooks
  3. Lack of drivers for XP on the websites of laptop manufacturers
  4. Microsoft has long since ended support, no updates have been released since 2014
  5. It is impossible to install a lot of random access memory (RAM), it simply will not be seen
  6. Not “sharpened” for working with SSD drives
  7. “Poor” and not functional firmware, there is not even a normal player and codecs
  8. Windows XP does not automatically exit a frozen program. If the browser suddenly freezes, you will have to restart your computer
  9. Doesn’t allow to reveal all the “power” of modern computers
  10. Many modern programs and games do not support Windows XP
  11. For many modern printers, scanners, modern MFPs – there are no drivers

Using Windows XP in 2021…it’s true!

And if we take into account that almost all browsers for windows xp users now have a user agent like windows 10/64 and chrome, then in principle, no analysts can name the real number of Windows XP users.

  • And if we take into account that Windows 7 users are beginning to use the user agent as windows 10/64 and chrome, then the windows 10 numbers are really exaggerated!

By the way, there are many modern browsers for windows xp. I think the best are MyPal and 360 Chrome EE. And the latest XP yandex browser v. is very good for secure modes of Internet banks. In general, 17-19% actually actively use windows xp. these “windows” soft, I must say frankly, turned out.

CONCLUSION: Using Windows xp in 2021 – is ideal for only old PCs. In all other cases, it is better to install something more modern, at least “seven”. Well, read also – Most powerful CPU in the world 2021 for home.


Using Windows XP in 2021 SP3 – pros and cons

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