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Windows Phone Platform History

Windows Phone
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Preface: I wrote this article back in november last year for a well-known mobile portal. Here it was already in an edited and expanded form.

Windows Phone is the most controversial platform currently available on the market. Some scold it for its tiled interface with its excessive simplicity, others for the lack of applications. But no one can blame the platform for its unoriginality. And so, let’s analyze what it is.

Windows Phone: Prerequisites for the new system

The development of the system began in 2004 under the code name “Photon” and was a large-scale update for WindowsMobile.

  • In 2008, Microsoft re-formed the Windows Mobile development department to develop a new operating system, this was primarily due to the declining popularity of Windows Mobile and the appearance of more attractive OSS on the market. The release was planned for 2009, but it was later postponed, and Windows Mobile 6.5 was released instead.

Windows Phone 7

The first version of Windows Phone — Windows Phone 7-was presented at the Mobile 3rd Congress 2010. At the end of October 2010, the first Windows Phone smartphone — HTC 7 Mozart-was unloaded on store shelves.

The system was available in 5 languages. In the first version,a set containing programs such as Internet Explorer,Xbox Music, Xbox Video, as well as other Microsoft services and integrated search from Bing was pre-installed.

For the first time, the Metro UI and “live tiles” were introduced, which were later used by the company.

Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8

Already in February 2011, at the Mobile World Congress 2011 exhibition, the next update was presented, codenamed “Mango”.In the new version of the operating system, there were about 500 improvements related to the speed of work, there was support for the front-facing camera, and the browser was also updated.

  • At Mobile World Congress 2012, the Nokia Lumia 610 smartphone was presented with an updated system based on Windows Phone 7.5.

The differences affected the system requirements of the platform, there was support for processors with a frequency of 800 MHz and RAM in 256MB, which meant the appearance of WP in the budget segment. The update was later called Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh.

January 30, 2013 released the latest update for Windows Phone 7, version 7.8 was the last version to which devices running Windows Phone 7.x could be updated.

The new update included some WP8 innovations — A start screen with a customizable size of live tiles, setting your own ringtone and transferring files via Bluetooth.

Windows Phone 8 or what are tiles still for?

As mentioned above, many users do not fully understand what is so good about tiles and what is their charm?
Until recently, there were 2 interface paradigms on the mobile OS market. An iOS interface with fully static icons and a mix of icons and special widgets in Android.

  • At the same time, iOS was famous for neatness, unity of design and consistency, and Android was a chaos both in terms of design and usability, although it provided more features than iOS.

The Windows Phone interface is the golden mean between the informativeness of Android and the conciseness of iOS. But the tiles themselves are unremarkable without content. Therefore, first of all, you need to “fill” your smartphone with interesting content so that it “comes to life”.

As you can see, there are very few static tiles, everything is dedicated to the content, which is constantly updated. This is the beauty of the Metro UI paradigm.

You won’t get bored with this interface, as it’s new every time. And in dynamics, it all looks even more interesting.Interface elements fade into the background. Content is at the forefront. Agree, this is very different from the screen that is at the very beginning of the article.

Windows Phone features that few people know about

1) Bing Search

On the Internet, you can often find a lot of negative reviews on the hardware search button, they say, what did Microsoft think when creating it, if it only opens the Yandex search bar?

But the fact is that initially Microsoft conceived a completely different functionality for this button. Search for music, scan QR codes, fast visual translation of texts and much more.

  • The translator, of course, can not boast of an ideal literary translation of articles, but if you went on a trip to a country whose language you do not know well, this visual translator will help at least not to get lost in the signs at the airport or hotel.

Well, just a nice appearance with daily updated photos from the social network of photographers 500px with interesting comments, albeit in English.

Note for advanced users: if you are not satisfied with the visual translation of Bing, then you can use the advanced translator, which works just incredibly. Here you can not do without a video.

An important difference from the standard Bing visual translator is that the translation is not superimposed on the image, but on the actual streaming video from the camera.

And if the text does not fit into the screen, you can move the camera along the text and get the translation continued without looking up, in fact-this is something like a “smart” magnifying glass, through which the translated text is visible.

2) Xbox Music

Many of us like to listen to good music in our free time, as well as discover something new. Microsoft has done a great job at the time, collecting all the available information about all the performers.

Once upon a time, this was used in the Zune service. One of the results of this work is a detailed study of the relationships between different performers.

  • For example, did you know that the work of Daft Punk is based on the influence of Moby, Black Box, The Chemical Brothers? And Gorillaz, in turn, was inspired by the masterpieces of the same Daft Punk and Beck?

In fact, from this service, you can find a lot of interesting details and compositions of similar artists in spirit (namely, in spirit, and not just in style).

And now about how it is implemented. You play your collection randomly and, damn it, the mood is just right for good old-fashioned Dire Straits rock.

Open the artist’s page by simply clicking on his name in the player. Here you can find a complete dossier about him: what albums you have in your collection, a list of other albums sorted by year, a list of songs, current materials from the life of the band, a biography, and, of course, other artists who are close in spirit.

  • You can open any of them and there you can also get acquainted with their compositions, read interesting information about them, and so on. Note that all of this is available through your Windows Phone.

But at the moment you want to listen to songs from your collection that are close to the work of Dire Straits, you just click on the Smart DJ button and please, a playlist with similar songs is generated. You will say that the iPhone has such a feature, called Genius.

  • But unlike the iPhone, here you can put this playlist as a tile on your desktop and always have access to your favorite artist. And if it’s a Smart DJ tile of this artist, then each time your Lumia will track the replenishment of your music collection and add the appropriate songs to the playlist.

So, for example, i recently discovered the creativity of Sub Focus and every day I add new tracks from different artists to my music collection. In my Lumia 800, i brought the Sub Focus tile to the desktop and now, before going to the subway, I just click on this tile and a new Smart DJ playlist about Sub Focus is immediately generated.

A small demo of Xbox Music. YouTube has promised to remove the audio due to complaints from copyright holders, so don’t be surprised if the audio doesn’t work. Read also Best Windows phone smartphone 2021 HP X3 Elite – review.

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