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Windows news 2021 – Windows 10 OS and others

Windows news
Windows news 2021

Windows news 2021: zero day vulnerability detected in Desktop Window Manager system process!

At the beginning of 2021, Kaspersky Lab specialists, after a thorough analysis of the malicious module cybergang BITTER, which uses the already known vulnerability CVE-2021-1732, identified another zero-day vulnerability.

  • The discovered vulnerability occurs in the Desktop Windows Manager Windows process and was sent to Microsoft in February 2021. After confirmation, the vulnerability received the number CVE-2021-28310.

According to experts, this vulnerability is used to conduct attacks by several different cybercriminals. The vulnerability allows attackers to gain privileges in the victim’s system and execute arbitrary code in it.

Preliminary results of the investigation do not allow us to identify the full chain of infections, so at the moment it is not known whether the malicious module that exploits the new vulnerability is used together with other tools.

Kaspersky Lab experts have prepared some tips for protecting against malicious tools that use vulnerabilities:

  • Do not delay the installation of software updates and, in particular, security patches. Once the vulnerability is fixed, cybercriminals will not be able to exploit it.

To facilitate the work of the company’s IT staff, use an endpoint security solution equipped with patch installation and management technology.

In addition to the necessary endpoint protection, implement an enterprise-class security solution that can detect complex threats at the network level early on.

Windows news 2021: Windows 10x is close. Microsoft may enter the system under a different name

Windows 10x is close
Windows 10x is close!

Windows 10x is a new version of the OS that Microsoft plans to release in the next few weeks. According to rumors, this may happen at the end of March. Interestingly, the software may debut under a different name. It could be “new Windows”.

  • Windows 10x is the operating system that Microsoft finalized in December. Earlier, there were rumors on the Internet that the premiere of this version will take place in the spring. New details on this topic were provided to us by WalkingCat.

He announced on Twitter that the “new Windows” will debut next month. He wrote this back in February and meant March. The exact date, however, he did not say.

But most importantly, it draws attention to the very name “new Windows”. So, under the same name, will the final version of Windows 10x appear?

About the new “Windows 11”

Although Windows 10 is still a widely developed operating system, and nothing portends the appearance of its serious successor – there is already a vision of what the next generation of the program may look like.

One of the suggestions was created by a user under the pseudonym Hacker34. The concept was made using PowerPoint and Blender.

  • The Windows 11 vision includes a new Start menu with smart tiles that come to life when you hover your mouse over them. There is also a new, refined “Action Center”, an updated “Explorer” – of course, with tabs – and a modern”Task Manager”.

Changes were also made to Cortana, which is now more useful and responds more effectively to issued commands. At the same time, it itself offers tasks to perform, and also works with other devices.

All of the software offers the much-anticipated Android app support, a brand-new tablet mode, and consistent designs and animations.

Windows 10 will get a new “floating” Start menu. We know what it should look like

Windows 10 floating Start menu
Windows 10 “floating” Start menu!

This year, Windows 10 will receive significant changes in the user interface area. Now we know that all this will affect the Start menu. It will become floating and, therefore, will be detached from the taskbar. We have the opportunity to see this in the sketch.

  • This year, Windows 10 will get a big visual change. Microsoft is preparing them as part of a project called Sun Valley. Now we also learn that we are waiting for a significant modification, including the Start menu.

Microsoft plans to introduce a floating Start menu in Windows 10. It will be detached from the taskbar that it is currently attached to. What should it look like? This is shown in a sketch that was created based on the information currently available.

The new Start menu from Windows 10 has rounded corners. The same applies to the search field on the taskbar, which will also receive such changes. Microsoft has chosen a similar solution for Windows 10x, which is related to the separation of elements.

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